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“Gabilondo is a liar, the tax increase is behind his project even if he says no”




The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has assured this Tuesday that she does not contemplate making notable movements regarding her lists in the face of the regional elections on May 4. «I don’t contemplate making big moves I am very proud of the team that has accompanied me, I will have all my advisors. I will make the names public all together because for me two is as important as three or four “, he pointed out in an act in which he participated in reforestation aimed at alleviating the loss of trees due to the storm Filomena, a performance framed in the project of the regional Executive Arco Verde and included in the collaboration agreement of the Madrid Government with Carrefour and FSC Spain.

Asked about the appointment of Hana Jalloul as ‘number two’ in Ángel Gabilondo’s lists, Ayuso explained that he does not know her, but “if number one commands little, I imagine two much less.” In addition, he has charged against the PSOE-M candidate whom he has branded a “liar” for saying recently that they will not raise taxes if they reach the head of the regional Executive.

«I don’t know if Gabilondo is bland, what he is a liar. That is for me the serious thing and it is because the three-candidate Sánchez just two months ago was signing with Más Madrid an indiscriminate tax increase for all Madrid, an increase of 3,600 million euros in all regional taxes. Because it is evident that the tax increase is behind your project even though now you say no“, He has launched.

Regarding the measures promoted by his Government, Ayuso wanted to recall that the PSOE has “tried to force” him to “close the hotel business” during all these months. Along these lines, he recalled that, during the pandemic, his Executive has “built two hospitals, the last one already permanent”, referring first to the temporary Ifema and secondly to the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital.

Gabilondo insists on governing with MM and Cs

For his part, the PSOE candidate insisted today that the priority for his party is to govern with More Madrid and Cs, “In that order”, since he considers it to be the most “focused” formula, although he hopes that those who want a “fight” will rectify, in reference to United We Can.

This is how Gabilondo has transferred it in the act of presentation of his ‘number two’ in the list of his candidacy, Hana Jalloul; also accompanied by the secretary general of the PSOE-M, José Manuel Franco. The socialist has reiterated the premise that he includes in a five-point plan to “rule seriously”. In his opinion, governing with More Madrid and Cs is the «most sensible progressive» formula because the rest of the proposals represent the usual: «anger and noise».

The socialist candidate recalled that there are “six weeks” left for Madrid to decide who will win the elections and who will govern. He thinks that for some “it is very little time” and they prefer “to bet on hatred and fury.” «Well, with us the wait is going to make them eternal. They do not have adequate teams to manage the Community. We do have them. We are the left of Madrid that does not go against anyone “, has launched, as reported by Europa Press.

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