Thursday, May 26

Gaby Spanic sends a strong message to the media and haters

Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic spoke on her Instagram account about the media and haters, or as she calls them the “emotional terrorists” of social media. In his long text, he assured that the news media cannot live without it and that they need famous people to sell their magazines.

Along with a photograph in which she looks smiling, the actress expressed everything she thinks about it:

“Some media can’t live without me! I AM MYSELF Hahahahaha. It shows that they need TOP people to sell magazines! Well, I will not give them the happiness of seeing me unhappy with so much defamation! Stop prying into the private lives of celebrities! Inventing false information! #QUECOINCIDENCIAS”, he said at the beginning of the text.

The actress assured that whenever she begins a new project with which they see her being happy, they begin to speak negatively about her.

Every time I start a project, they see me happy, grateful and moving forward, they start shooting at me point blank! Aren’t you ashamed to make a living like this? And not to mention the haters hired to harm! I call them the emotional terrorists of social networks! poor! Surely they have not said an I love you in their lives! That’s why so much hate in their hearts! That’s where so much resentment comes from! I want to express to my and very few detractors who live in anonymity, and who take cover in cowardice: I am very sorry for the fate that you had to live! But I’m not to blame for it! The more negative darts you throw at me, the more blessings God will give me! And I ask a lot of him! Let them clear their lives! And give them encouragement, happiness, health, abundance, beauty, fame, leave an important legacy to society! Thank you for the great importance you give me! Because I confess to my angels that I feel watched! I am also very sorry to take away your sleep! ”, I continue.

In addition, Gabriela Spanic made it clear that her private life is private, so “it’s nobody’s business.”

“Transgredir, insult, smear, lie is very grotesque. And don’t underestimate the intelligence of the public, because they have the ability to know who is who.n! In Creole you can’t give them atole with your finger! And to most of the media that are so good and full of credibility! Thank you thank you thank you! So support! They are great and understand the great commitment they have to society and their audience! I love you in time! Let’s keep moving forward with our heads held high! I am happy for so many blessings that the Lord has given me! Same blessings that I wish you all infinitely! ”, The Venezuelan concluded.

Gabriela Spanic’s post so far has hundreds of comments and I like you.

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