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Gain quality of life and take care of your health: benefits of physiotherapy

José Casaña Granell, dean of the ICOFCV

José Casaña Granell, dean of the ICOFCV

The Official College of Physiotherapists of the Valencian Community (ICOFCV) has launched a new campaign to remind society that, despite the harsh effects of the pandemic, it is time to face the new Year with hope and, above all, taking care of health.

The dean of the ICOFCV, José Casaña Granell, underlines that “from the College we want to share our desire to leave behind this 2020, a hard, sad and gray year, and encourage society to start 2021 with color, taking care of our health, inviting all citizens to go to the physiotherapist both to prevent and to treat injuries or pathologies because, as the slogan we have chosen says, “Physiotherapy puts color in your life,” he says.

Campaign poster

It is clear that the covid-19 has marked and changed our lives in all aspects. But more beyond the virus, many people are affected by multitude of injuries and / or pathologies they must face, they need Physiotherapy treatment. Therefore, they emphasize that it is important not to postpone it and that they go to their physiotherapist.

How Physical Therapy Can Help Us

The Physiotherapy covers a wide spectrum of pathologies, helping both prevent them like recover from them and thereby improving the quality of life of those who suffer from them. This field of healthcare covers a wide range of ages, including from pediatrics to the care of the seniors.

“Beyond treating musculoskeletal injuries, which are the best known, physiotherapy acts in many other fields such as neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, pelvic floor, oncological, entrance exam, hearing impairment, school… The physiotherapist is a health professional ”, emphasizes the dean of the ICOFCV,

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College of Physiotherapists

“We are health workers, we are physiotherapists”

Finally, José Casaña applauds the work First line developed by all physiotherapists during the pandemic and essential help that they offer day to day to patients with covid-19 both to leave the ICU and to regain your mobility and functionality, making it easier for them to return to their daily life.

In this sense, he explains that the ICOFCV has also participated in the campaign launched by the Council, “We are health workers, we are physiotherapists” for “vindicate the work of our profession, our involvement and dedication to people’s health. We have always been at the service of people. We were at the beginning, we are now and we will be in the future, ”insists José Casaña.

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