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Galileo dies, the stallion that charged 600,000 euros for intercourse

  • The best stallion in history, father, among others, of Iniesta, leaves a legacy of 2,306 thoroughbreds, with 4,163 races won and 250 million euros in prizes

  • When the owner of a mare wanted to have Galileo, who generated 40 million euros a year to his owners, he had to prepare a check of 300,000 or 600,000 euros per intercourse

They all cry for him. Your ladies, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The fans, the riders and the coaches. Sheikhs, kings and the most modest kings. They all cry. Has died Galileo, the best racehorse player That the world has ever seen The best stallion in the world, a true thoroughbred with capital letters that has been able, in almost 20 years as a stallion, to sire 2,306 runners, capable of winning 4,163 races and winning up to 250 million euros in prizes. A brutality.

A chronic injury, which has affected his front leg, has ended, at 23 years of age, the life of Galileo, a thoroughbred whose dominance in the world of horse racing has been overwhelming, first as a runner, with a behavior exemplary on the slopes, with triumphs like the Epsom Derby in 2001, and then, already retired, as a stallion in his blocks from Coolmore, that kind of holy grail of breeding found in Ireland. There, since 2010, he has not stopped being stallion champion and giving winners all over the planet, since in up to 45 countries the descendants of this star of horse racing have run, whose influence on racetracks will remain for centuries. centuries.

A priceless horse

A single intercourse of this Messi, MBappé or Cristiano Ronaldo of the equestrian has cost until the last day of his life a stupid thing for any aspirant. He was the only thoroughbred in the world without a starting price to recreate. The mares, true princesses of the races, only went to their rooms if the owners of Galileo considered that these females had sufficient blue lineage in their blood and a record of accredited triumphs. Then the lucky owner of the mare had to draw from his checkbook a check that was estimated between 300,000 and 600,000 euros. That was worth their intercourse, and always without ensuring that the filly would get pregnant.

But Galileo was not used to failing. A true champion was almost always born from his riding. Cracks like Frankel, today considered the greatest racing thoroughbred of all time, Churchill, Roderic o’connor, Anthony Van Dyck or a colt named Iniesta, are some of his legacies. All with illustrious names because their owners, Michael Tabor Y John magnier, exactionists of the soccer team of the United manchester, they always wanted Galileo’s children to honor the fame of their father, a stallion capable of providing them with earnings of up to 40 million euros a year with his intercourse and countless triumphs for his descendants. “This is a very sad day, but we all feel very lucky to have had it. He has left a legacy that will always remain “Magnier has declared.

More expensive than footballers

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Galileo was currently valued at € 200 million, a valuation well above many of the best stars in the world of football. Hence, its loss is a very strong blow to the industry and the equestrian hobby, since there are not always horses capable of genetically transmitting such an innate quality by running and winning on the tracks.

With a star like this, a milestone on the slopes and in breeding, no one is surprised that this thoroughbred with the name of an Italian scientist was leading the stallion statistics for 11 years; earn so many millions of euros reproducing; their descendants continue to win in thousands of races, or any human sighs for one of their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. For that, and for more, today everyone mourns Galileo.

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