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Garbajosa opens the possibility for the basketball team to play in Extremadura

Garbajosa in his meeting with Vara / TODAY

During a visit to Mérida, the president of the basketball federation asserted that Fernández Vara has shown his interest in them coming to the region.

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Jorge Garbajosa, has highlighted that Eurobasket 2022 is a ‘challenge’ because it is a year in which they do not have the Gasols but they have “a new generation” and “extremely” e “insultingly young” with “tremendous potential” for whom this competition will be their “stone of fire”.

“We have a new generation, extremely young, insultingly young, with tremendous potential and it will be their first stone of fire, so that, for example, the Hernán Gómez brothers take the leadership of the National Team together with Abrines, Abalde, Usman Garuba or Santi Aldama… that they have touched the moment of the relief”, has underlined.

Thus, Garbajosa has assured that they have “tremendous optimism” but “at the same time patience” before the sporting activity of the coming months and this new stage of the Men’s Basketball Team.

Jorge Garbajosa made these statements to the media after meeting with the president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, this Monday in Mérida, to talk about projects and basketball in the region.

In this way, asked if the absolute men’s or women’s teams will play a match in Extremadura, Garbajosa has opened the possibility although there is no date since it involves “conditions of all kinds and complicated logistics.” “The important thing, and we leave super happy, is that the president and the counselor have shown us their interest, the desire for us to come and for us it will be the greatest honor,” he said.

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«We are very lucky that our teams are benchmarks, leaders, not only in results but also in what they transmit on the fields in competitions when they participate and for us it is a pleasure that the autonomous communities in general are interested and want the presence of our national teams in each of the territories”, highlighted the president of the FEB.

In this regard, he added that he had spoken with Vara about the possibility of holding a National Team match in the region and pointed out that for the FEB “it is an honour” since the last time they were in Extremadura it was in a preparatory match of the women’s team of which four years have passed so they “want to come back”.

In addition, this afternoon the meeting of presidents of regional federations is held in Cáceres, which is for him, as he stressed, one of the “most important” bodies of the FEB.

Similarly, Garbajosa has praised the “work” of the Extremadura Basketball Federation, which is “commendable” in “this difficult time with all the conditions against it” for what they want “that it always have a prize, a consequence in terms of basketball national level, to high-level basketball” as a “thank you” and as a “form of promoting the values ​​of sport”.

“The first thing you find when you arrive in Extremadura is a Federation whose flag is passion”, he stressed while pointing out that “it is not an easy community geographically when it comes to interconnecting Badajoz basketball with Cáceres basketball” but He has praised that they “fight and fight” for this sport.

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“When you see a regional federation that fights for its basketball, you have to be by its side,” he concluded.

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