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García Egea: “Miniature Government of Sánchez or solid Government of the PP”

Teodoro García Egea.

Teodoro García Egea.

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea, considers that the candidacy of the vice president and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, in the Madrid elections on May 4 “it simplifies things a lot” before that appointment with the polls because, as he has said, citizens will see that two options are at stake: “a miniature government of Pedro Sánchez or a solid government of the PP.

In an interview on Telecinco, which has been collected by Europa Press, García Egea pointed out that “whoever Iglesias governs in the Community of Madrid can vote for any political option” but “whoever wants to avoid” that the Secretary General of Podemos governs “You only have one option, the PP of Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

“I think that this simplification that we have on the table since yesterday is something enormously useful so that Madrilenians know that we are risking it on May 4 between two options: a miniature Government of Pedro Sánchez or a solid Government of the PP”, has manifested, to add that those are the two options before the appointment with the polls in Madrid.

“Corruption cases”

As for whether he believes that the departure of Iglesias from the Government will mean an approach of Sánchez to the center and Ciudadanos, García Egea has stressed that within the Executive there are still ministers of Podemos, such as Irene Montero or Yolanda Díaz.

“Therefore, the spirit of Can is still impregnated in the Executive and the departure of Pablo Iglesias would even circumscribe it to the cases of corruption that we are seeing in recent days related to Podemos, “he emphasized, alluding to ‘Neurona’.

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After ensuring that Podemos has “a lot of judicial bench” at this time and is receiving “bad news”, he stressed that the purple party is not “at the service of the people to govern.” “The only thing they do is support a rapper, shake the street and insult the contrary,” he said, to ugly the chief executive who “shut up” in the face of this situation.

“To confront”

García Egea has indicated that This Wednesday he will ask Iglesias in the control session of the Congress Government for the balance of his management in the Executive these 14 months. As he added, he is the person in charge of the residences but at this time “he has not visited any”.

“It is evident that at this time Iglesias continues to think that in politics he does not come to work for the people, but simply to confront and this step he has taken is a new step in that direction,” underlined the ‘number two’ of the PP.

When asked if he believes that all this could end in an advance of the general elections, as some analysts point out, García Egea has indicated that if this happens it will be “one of Pedro Sánchez’s failures” because he said that he formed a “government for the people”.

García Egea has affirmed that the PSOE and United Podemos coalition government has been the “worst government” managing the pandemic and has caused “chaos”, leaving “abandoned” the autonomous communities. In his view, if he wanted to call an election now, it would show that he is going “from failure to failure.”

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Regarding Yolanda Díaz, who will become Vice President of the Government, she stressed that she was one of the “most belligerent” people against the PP labor reform that “allowed the ERTES to be introduced” and that many people are now at home “with cessation of activity and without losing the job “.

“Moncloa has used Cs”

Before the motion of censure in Murcia, García Egea has affirmed that “Moncloa has used Ciudadanos to destabilize the governments of freedom how well they were working “in various autonomous communities.

García Egea has assured that “it is evident” that Citizens “has definitively broken” with their voters, not with the PP and has called for a “sincere reflection” on whether it “makes sense” to maintain the motions of censure against the PP in the Government of Murcia and the City Council.

In his view, “the best Citizens can do at this time to try to put all this back together, and also their public image, is to withdraw the motions, apologize to the citizens for this unfortunate spectacle and begin to build a new relationship based on the trust”.

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