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Gareca affirms that Peru reaches the semifinal against Brazil “with ambitions”

Gareca led the Peruvian National Team to the final of the Copa América 2019.

Photo: Pedro Vilela / Getty Images

The Peruvian team will reach the semifinal of the Copa América “With ambitions” and convinced that she can surpass Brazil, she declared Argentine Ricardo Gareca, coach of the Andean country team.

“When it comes to this instance, beyond the certain favoritism, statistics or what specialists and connoisseurs say, the national teams have their ambitions and we have them tooGareca said on the eve of this Monday’s game against Brazil, in which the pass to the final of the tournament will be at stake.

Gareca wanted to avoid comparisons with the 2019 Copa América final, which his team lost to Brazil, and also with this edition’s group stage match, in which Canarinha beat Peru 4-0 just two weeks ago.

Gareca recognizes Brazil’s superiority

He did not stop recognizing that “Brazil is still a very powerful team“, But he also appreciated Peru’s progress throughout the tournament. “Our present has also been improving and we are in a position to improve what we have done so far, “he said.

“We trust in making a good game,” said the coach, who considered that his team “is improving” and is made up of “a group with young and experienced people“, Among which some players already have”more than 100 international matches“.

Gareca admitted that to play against Brazil, which has immense attacking power, the Peruvian defense scheme will have to improve.

However, he clarified that “the defensive sector has to do with the whole team“, Who will have to offer his best version to be able to overcome the Brazilians.

Statements by Aldo Corzo

Aldo Corzo and Richarlison
Aldo Corzo vs. Richarlison. /Getty Images

The central Aldo Corzo agreed with Gareca at the same press conference and admitted that Peru must “improve many things in defense”, which clarified that it is part of a “collective work.”

Although he admitted that the win against Brazil in the group stage was “a hard blow”, he stressed that the Peruvian team surpassed him, became “strong”, “improved a lot and prevailed over adversity“, So he has no doubt that they will play” a good game “and that they have a real chance of reaching a new final of the Copa América.

The match will be played this Monday in the Nilson Nelson stadium in Rio de Janeiro, and the winner will face Argentina or Colombia in the final, who will play the other semifinal on Tuesday.

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