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Garzón calls a “toy strike” to raise awareness about sexist advertising and stereotypes



A symbolic stoppage of families and toys for an hour next Sunday called by the coalition government itself. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has launched a campaign to sensitize the entire population about the negative impact of sexist advertising in the toy sector. Low the symbolic tag #HuelgaDeJuguetes and through an animation video, different fictional characters call on families to join their claim to raise awareness about “the problem that involves only being allowed to play with half of the child population and to raise awareness that playing has no gender.”

“Even if we are made of plastic or stuffed animals, we also have our little hearts. The time has come to say enough, to claim our right to play with 100% of boys and girls, not with 50%, “explain the fictional characters in the video.

The protest, led by the ministry, began this Thursday with a posting of posters in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville and will culminate next Sunday, December 12 with an act in which girls and boys, along with their toys, are invited to “show their disagreement with sexist stereotypes.” The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. next Sunday at the El Retiro Park Puppet Theater (Madrid) and will end with a storyteller.

From Consumption argues that this campaign seeks to raise awareness about the risk of reproducing sexist roles and stereotypes in advertising, “precisely at a time like Christmas when advertisements for games and toys are increasing considerably.”

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“Sexist stereotypes are dangerous and negatively affect both them and them. The game is basic for the configuration of their personality, their abilities and their capacities, so a choice of toys and games free of gender stereotypes is key to the development of a population that, through games, learns to know what life is like ”, says the Secretary General for Consumption and Gaming, Rafael Escudero.

In this sense, the ministry recalls that a sexist toy is everything the one that has a different version for each sex and that, therefore, it is not presented as suitable for both boys and girls.

“Eradicate” Ads

This campaign joins the actions that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is undertaking both with the toy manufacturing industry as well as with the distribution sector to advance the elimination of gender stereotypes in advertising.

Last week, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, already expressed his concern about sexist stereotypes in children’s advertising and pledged to work with civil society, the toy industry and the commercial communications sector to “eradicate” those ads that “perpetuate” traditional gender roles.

In a seminar, the head of Consumption pointed out that “although there have been many advances” in recent years, there are still advertisements that promote “cultural structures” and “sexist behaviors” that are “dangerous”, especially for boys and girls .

During the aforementioned seminar, Garzon announced his intention to present a guide to help families choose toys “in a critical and non-sexist way.” “We want to inform families, without blaming anyone, of the damage caused by being uncritically carried away by advertising and choosing toys that reproduce the sexist stereotypes that generate so many problems,” added the minister.

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