Thursday, May 26

Garzón recognizes that the Government is not homogeneous but it is “stable and consolidated”

The federal coordinator of Izquierda Unida and Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, has pointed out that the coalition government is not homogeneous but it is “stable and consolidated”, despite the strategy of the right aimed at “ending” the Executive which has “radically failed.”

He is trying to boycott any kind of consensus in the Government and she is being left alone in Parliament. It is going to continue attacking this government with lies, falsehoods and blocking the path of progress and development that the country needs, “he stressed.

This was stated this Sunday by Garzón during his telematic intervention at the meeting of the Federal Coordinator of the United Left, where he insisted that the right, which “is not capable of dissociating itself” from the extreme right, has a “broad roots on undemocratic traditions. ”

“We will see if the PP is capable of detaching itself from that force that traps it, which is the extreme right, which conditions its speeches and actions. They confuse their wishes with reality and in politics parliamentary support matters,” he defended.

At this point, Garzón has celebrated that the roadmap of the coalition government “is going forward.” “What is behind it? What we have called a republican alliance. Most of the inauguration do not think the same of all things but we share a desire for the structural transformation of our country,” he said.

In this sense, the minister explained that the republican element “is an element that refers not to the Head of State only, but to the construction of a political culture that can facilitate greater democracy, greater accountability.”

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Among the achievements of the coalition government, Garzón has highlighted the approval of the General State Budgets, which “mark a progressive line” and in which “the impact is noticeable” and IU and United We Can, after a situation of “enormous political instability “in discursive terms, with a right and an extreme right, in his opinion,” especially violent in discursive terms “.

Thus, he has criticized the “very aggressive” attitude of the right and the extreme right in discursive terms, “directly encouraging deeply undemocratic positions such as considering that the government was traitorous and illegitimate.”

“If we let ourselves be carried away by the discursive strategy of the right, one may think that the Government is at the limit,” Garzón warned, highlighting that the bet they made from United We “is positive and viable”, when a year ago it was said that his participation in the Executive “was unfeasible and ravaged elements of instability.”

However, he affirmed that today they know that this “is false” and that they are going towards the “greatest element of stability and solidity in the political panorama at the moment”, which “does not mean that the Government has homogeneous positions in everything.”

“At this moment we have articulated a common work, perhaps it is necessary for the political culture to get used to it. The positions of one-color government and imposition have already been abandoned, support for this government is growing,” Garzón concluded.

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