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Garzón’s words tighten the seams of the coalition government

New tensions between government partners on account of the controversy over macrofarms. United we can has accused this Monday to Pedro Sanchez from “disloyalty“after the Executive leader distanced himself from the statements of the purple Consumer Minister, Alberto Garzón, after his criticism of intensive livestock farming. The Prime Minister has said “very sorry” for these statements, which has revolted the minority partner of the Government, which has considered “disappointing and worrying” that Sánchez “defend whoever lies” by assuming what they consider.

In an interview on Cadena Ser this early Monday, Sánchez avoided supporting the head of Consumption and assured that Garzón’s words did not correspond to the line of work of the Executive. “Some statements that I regret because they have generated a controversy that does not agree with the reality of the sector or with the reality of the Government,” said the leader of the Executive, who has also asked “less decibels“in the Council of Ministers.

Sánchez’s words have not sat well with Podemos, who has charged directly against the president and against the PSOE for using “hoaxes” and “fake news” to attack them, in the face of the elections in Castilla y León, after the regional presidents socialists like Javier Lambán The Emiliano Garcia Page asked for his cessation. Asked at a press conference about Sánchez’s statements in the SER, the purple party spokesman has been especially harsh. “Is disappointing that a hoax is given to attack United Podemos and Alberto Garzón knowing that it is a lie, “Fernández began asking about the matter, although without expressly referring to Sánchez.

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“It is worrying that these hoaxes are used and those who lie are defended, because whoever uses the speech that someone who lies, is favors the liar“, the deputy and candidate for the elections in Castilla y León continued, thus accusing the executive leader of supporting the right wing.

In this sense, the spokesperson for Podemos also has accused of disloyalty to the socialist wing of the executive and Sánchez himself. “Whenever a member of the Government of Spain has suffered attacks with hoaxes from the right and the extreme right, we have always behaved with extraordinary loyalty and we have always defended the Government as a whole. Who wants to get out of that loyalty framework of the government, it is disappointing and worrying. ”

These statements have not been the only ones. United we can, via Green Alliance, has turned this Monday in pointing out the contradictions of the socialist wing. In the Congress of Deputies, they have presented an initiative to oblige the third vice president and minister of Energy Transition, Teresa Ribera, to pronounce on his position towards macrofarms, while the spokesman for the commons in Congress and president of the confederal group, Jaume Asens, has charged directly against the leader of the Executive: “We regret that the President is more concerned about losing votes in Castilla y León than in defending the ranchers against the macro-farms,” ​​he said on Twitter.

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Yolanda Díaz asks to be “careful”

The second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has made a veiled reference to the position of Pedro Sánchez. The Galician candidate, who was one of the few figures in the space who supported Garzón at first, he has defended the thesis again from the IU leader: “The governments speak with the documents and the position of the Government of Spain is in the 2030 Agenda, which is clear. We defend and bet on a sustainable extensive livestock”, He said, in statements to journalists before a meeting on labor reform. In this sense, Díaz has taken the opportunity to send a message to his partners: “I would ask that we take care of the coalition to be careful with our words.”

For his part, the spokesman for the United We Can parliamentary group, Pablo Echenique, has insisted that, when the “political and media far-right attacked” Jose Luis Ábalos, former Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, already Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior, his party defended him. “When they attack Garzón with a hoax about his statements …”, the ‘purple’ deputy leaves in the air.

From IU, your spokesperson Sira Rego it has also regretted that “some members of the Government” have contributed to encouraging a false debate on macro-farms and has criticized that “You cannot take the debate where the right has placed it“. At a press conference this Monday, he also charged against the socialist wing, assuring that”have missed “ that he has not shown more firmness, especially on the part of Ribera, in his commitment “to a living rural world, to extensive social livestock farming, which sets the population, generates employment, and is a framework for the future for emptied Spain.”

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Pablo Iglesias, former vice president of the Government and current president of his think tank, the 25-M Foundation, which is one of the voices that has criticized Pedro Sánchez the hardest, considering “very serious“That he has not closed ranks around Garzón and that he assumes the argument of the right.

“The president has given for certain a piece of news that is false bought by the macro-farm industry,” Iglesias has defended, taking the opportunity to bring out one of the main controversies that the socialist leader has experienced in recent years: the alleged plagiarism of his doctoral thesis: “What Pedro Sánchez should understand is that tomorrow someone could ask a minister about the president’s doctoral thesis and say ‘ah, well I don’t know if he wrote it or copied it.’ Which is another of the hoaxes that they unleashed against him President of the goverment”.

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