Thursday, October 28

Gasol and the Lakers, the saga continues

  1. Marc triggers expectations of a second ring in Los Angeles, where his brother won two championships
  2. The Lakers leave as the clear favorites to renew the title in the new season that begins this Tuesday
  3. Kevin Durant’s comeback after long injury catapults Brooklyn Nets’ options

Marc Gasol He is heading to the final part of his professional career (36 years old will be on January 25) enjoying the most dazzling face of the NBA. Everything that resisted him in his nearly 11 seasons in the Memphis Grizzlies, Those who led to a conference final and two semifinals, now comes suddenly, as a sweet reward. The most unforgettable moment was lived two years ago with the champion ring achieved with the Toronto raptors. But the future may hold even more joy for him after signing a two-season deal with Los Angeles this summer. Lakers and put on the shirt with the number 14 of the champions, which will begin to appear from this Tuesday (early Wednesday in Spain), when the new season will officially start, in which the Californian team will defend the title of champion achieved in the Orlando bubble.

Money has not been a factor to take into account. He will receive the minimum (5.2 million for two years) that corresponds to a veteran with more than 10 seasons in the League, considerably reducing the 20 million he received last year with the Raptors. Yes, sports aspects have prevailed over economic ones, joining Lebron James and Anthony Davis, and reinforcements of a very high level (Dennis Schroder, Wesley Matthews and Montrezl Harrell) that shield the champion. In a League survey, 81% of team managers consider Lakers the main favorites to the title.

The arrival of Marc Gasol Los Angeles is also a nod to history. The Lakers were the ones who selected him in the 2007 draft before sending him to the Grizzlies by Pau. And, in addition, it opens a new chapter in the saga that his brother opened with the Lakers, with whom he conquered two rings (2009 and 2010) alongside Kobe bryant. The circle closes.

“Deciding on the Lakers was easy,” explained Marc, in a conversation on Twitch with Ibai Llanos. “I am happy. I think the Lakers have signed me because of the type of player I am, because because of the way I play I am complementary with the players there, because I can open the field and because of my ability to pass.

Luxury premiere

From the start, to Marc Gasol strong emotions await you. Two five-star matches, that of the Lakers and Clippers, in which the ceremony of the champions will be held, and the one that will face the Networking and the Warriors will draw back the curtain of the new season this Wednesday morning. That is to say, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving versus Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. And at the Staples in Los Angeles, the champions Lebron James and Anthony Davis versus Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Or in its Spanish version, Marc Gasol versus Serge Ibaka, companions these last two seasons.

Among the title won by the Lakers and the start of the new season will only have been 71 days. But the pandemic has forced an effort on the part of all (the players were in favor of returning in January) to try to reduce the economic losses. The NBA, which estimates about 500 million what it will earn with the advancement of dates, has gotten away with it and will take advantage of the Christmas pull to start at full speed with a calendar that will last until July, which will reduce the regular season from 82 to 72 games, and that will allow the stars of the League to attend the Games to defend the Olympic gold in Tokyo.

Brooklyn asks for passage

The Lakers won’t be the only ones to draw attention. The return of Kevin Durant to the competition after a year and a half of nightmare – he was injured in the 2019 final, breaking his Achilles tendon while still playing for the Warriors– they reinforce the actions of Brooklyn networks, who are confident that their return to the courts, the symbiosis with Kyrie Irving, and a splendid cast from behind ( Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, DeAndre Jordan and Jarrett Allen) convert the team that will train Steve Nash in the main candidate of the East when the ‘play-offs’ arrive, discussing that condition with the Miami Heat, finalists this season, who can continue to grow hand in hand with Adebayo OR Tyler herro, to the Milwaukee Bucks of Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, who have added to their project Jrue vacation, or go Sixers of Joel embidd and Ben Simmons, starting this season with Doc Rivers on the bench.

Ricky, back at ‘home’

In the West you will have to watch out for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Clippers, which disappointed last season, and which have added to Serge Ibaka, Nico Batum and the technician Ty lue this summer, but also to the dazzling Denver huggets of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, where is the Catalan technician Jordi Fernandez, as an assistant to Michael Malone, and the ex-madridista has landed Facundo Campazzo, and the Dunca Mavericks by Lunca Doncic , whom many see as the MVP candidate of the season.

It may interest you

For Ricky Rubio, installed in his 30s, it will be quite an experience to return to Minnesota, where he began his NBA career in 2011, and where he must lead a team with stars such as Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, the Spanish Juancho Hernang├│mez and number one in the draft Anthony Edwards to the ‘play-offs’. Tail, Juancho’s older brother, 26 years old and 2.11, will try to earn a chance at the New Orleans Pelicans, who have offered him a one-year contract.

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