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Gasoline price: how to find the cheapest one around you from your PC or mobile

we will explain how to find fuel prices near you, so that you can know what gas stations you have around you and what prices each one is offering. As this price grows over the last few months, which is already at record highs, it becomes more important to have a reliable gas station nearby that is a little cheaper to save when refueling.

Let’s try to make this article quick and easy. We will start by looking at the price of gas stations on Google Maps, since it is one of the most used applications in the world, and if you have it, you may not need more. But if you prefer to have all the data, then we will also tell you about other applications and websites that you can use.

Using Google Maps

Gas stations

One of the best options is to use Google Maps, at least to have price references. The best way to do it is through the mobile versionwhere on the main screen you will only have to press the button Gas stations that appears below the search bar.

Gas Stations List

This will generate a visualization where you can see all the gas stations near you and their prices as a reference. The prices are for Super 95 gasoline, but they serve as a reference so you can know which gas stations everything is a little cheaper at. Not all gas stations will include the priceThis will depend on each area and company.


When you are seeing them all on the map, you will be able to click on any gas station to see its file. Within this tab, you will see other fuel prices, although possibly not all that the gas station has. Which ones are shown will depend on each one. And as always, these prices can serve you more as a reference than anything else, they may not always be up to date, but they will help you to know which gas stations are generally cheaper.

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You will also be able to do this query on the Google Maps website. However, the web version tabs will not show fuel prices, so you’ll have to stick with the references that appear on the map when all the gas stations are shown.

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Using specialized websites and apps

Website Price

On the Internet you can also find several specific web pages to see gasoline prices at the different service stations in Spain, with much more complete data than that of Google Maps.

For example, you have pages like or, which are very similar. In both, you can use the location of your PC or mobile or write by hand the city where you areand they will give you a complete list with the price of gas stations in the area or those that are cheaper.

Some specialized mobile apps are also available with which you will also have very affordable gasoline prices. There are multiplatform applications such as GasAll or Gasolineras España that are made precisely to show you the gas stations that are closest to you and to be able to compare the prices of each type of fuel.

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