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gassed to death a man in the trunk of a car

Brazil was shaken this Thursday by the case of a man suffocated to death in a trunk of a police car. The man died asphyxiated on Wednesday in Umbauba, a small town of 25,000 inhabitants in the state of Sergipe (northeast), after be placed in the trunk of a police vehicle from which came a thick smoke.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) assured this Thursday in a statement that the agents “Immobilization techniques were used and instruments of low offensive potential” before the “aggressiveness” of Genivaldo de Jesús Santos, 38, during a roadblock.

harsh images

In a video of a witness two officers are clearly shown of the PRF, with helmet, trying to lock in the trunk of a car a man, whose legs are sticking out. The images are brutal.

Thick white smoke billows out of the trunk, looking like it came from a tear gas canister. The man, who suffered from schizophrenia according to his wife, moves his legs for about a minute and then remains motionless. The officers then fold their legs and close the trunk.

Brazilian authorities removed the federal police from their duties implicated in the brutal death by suffocation of a 38-year-old black man who was gassed inside a patrol car, in the northeastern state of Sergipe.


The event shocked Brazil and generated the rejection of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, who expressed his “dismay” in a statement.

Brazil has one of the police officers who kills and dies the most in the world: In 2021 there were more than 6,100 fatalities in police operations and 183 officers were killed, according to the Violence Monitor project.

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Called a “massacre” by many elected officials and community activists, Tuesday’s police raid turned out to be the second deadliest in Rio’s history on a favela.

The sad record dates from a year ago, with 28 deaths, including a police officer, during a police raid in the Jacarezinho favela.

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