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Genoa accuses Ayuso’s environment of dividing the PP of Madrid

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The confrontation between the team of Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Genoa it is far from appeased and has exceeded unsuspected limits. That the president of the Community of Madrid blocks the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, on her mobile, may seem an implausible hoax, but it is confirmed by several directly affected sources, which gives an idea of ​​the level to which the struggle has reached for control of the regional party. Some leaders of the PP counted up to 15 mobiles ‘blocked’ by the regional president.

Yesterday, the meeting of the internal organs of the Madrid PP It served to show in all its splendor the division that has originated in this formation, where the supporters of Ayuso demand to advance the regional congress, compared to those who defend the deadlines established from Genoa without accepting pressure.

The most curious thing about this clash is that the difference is barely two months on the calendar. Ayuso’s team wants the congress to be in March at the latest, while Genoa handles May or June as the most propitious months to hold the congress in which the regional presidency of Madrid should be elected. «Why is Ayuso in such a hurry? There is something else there … », say sources from the national leadership of the PP, where they are clear that they will not be defeated by pressure. “Whoever throws a pulse at Genoa, loses it”, they remember as a mantra. And Ayuso, in this case, is casting one that the leaders of the PP do not like at all.

The congress calendarl was approved in a National Board of Directors more than a year ago, with the vote in favor of Ayuso included. All the conclaves of the pluriprovincial communities have to be held first, while the regions of only one province will arrive later, throughout the first semester of 2022. From Sol, headquarters of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, they are convinced that celebrating the congress beyond March is illegal, as all the deadlines that they believe are statutory for a ‘manager’ have been exceeded, something that in Genoa they completely deny. For starters, they argue, what’s in it PP from Madrid It is not properly a manager, but a party with all its functions, where Cristina Cifuentes was legally replaced when she resigned in April 2018. Some national and regional leaders attribute the rush of Ayuso and his team to wanting to take advantage of the enthusiasm generated in the Madrid elections to ensure the leadership of the party.

“You have to give it time,” say popular sources. Time, they need, to see if Ayuso rectifies, opts for consensus and stops facing Genoa, or time to see if the constant challenge to the national leadership will continue from his environment. And at that point they repeat the mantra: “Whoever gives Genoa a pulse …”

Yesterday, after the Regional Board of Directors, the versions were radically different. From Ayuso’s surroundings it was ensured that there was a “flood” of requests to advance the congress and the support that the president has was demonstrated. The leaders of the Madrid PP, in line with Genoa, deny the greatest: there were barely a dozen interventions, and the express support for Ayuso did not even reach half. “Today it has been seen that Ayuso does not have a majority in the PP in Madrid, what his environment has achieved is to divide and stress the party,” summarize national sources. A regional leader dares to calculate the support of the two sides: 30 percent for Ayuso, 70 percent for the leadership. The Board ended without any vote, but Ayuso’s environment wants Casado to pronounce on the request they expressed to advance the congress.

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