Saturday, October 16

George Blake, the British double agent who revealed the identity of hundreds of Western spies to the KGB dies.

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George Blake told the BBC that he disclosed to the Soviet Union the identities of more than 500 Western spies.

George Blake’s name will forever be linked to one of the most infamous chapters in the history of the Cold War and, in particular, of British intelligence.

Blake, whose death at age 98 was announced this Saturday by the Russian press, was a British secret service agent MI6 who became a double agent for the KGB in the middle of the Cold War.

Over 9 years, gave the Soviets valuable information revealing the identity of at least 40 MI6 agents in Eastern Europe and, as he himself said, hundreds of Western spies.

In 1960 he was discovered and imprisoned but six years later he managed to escape to Russia, where he resided until his death.

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