Friday, April 16

George Floyd: the revelations about the last moments of his life made during the trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin

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Mural honoring Geroge Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota,

Image source, Reuters


George Floyd’s death in May 2020 sparked a wave of protests in the US and other countries.

“America in the dock,” say some US media headlines who are closely following the George Floyd death trial.

The hyperbole reflects the state of mind in a week in which there have been shocking testimonies about what were the last minutes of the life of the African-American man who died in May of last year after a police arrest.

Actually, the one in the dock accused of murder is former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin, who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck, 46, for more than 9 minutes.

This Thursday, Floyd’s girlfriend gave an emotional testimony in court, where she recounted what the couple’s first kiss was like and spoke about their problems with opioid addiction.

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