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George Floyd: who is Derek Chauvin, the ex-policeman accused of the death of the African-American

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Derek Chauvin

Image source, Reuters


Derek Chauvin will face second degree murder charges.

Derek Chauvin’s name is inextricably linked to the wave of protests that shook the United States in mid-2020 over the death of George Floyd.

His face went around the world when he appeared in the video that showed the last minutes of the African-American’s life.

Chauvin was the police officer who during more of nine minutes he kept his knee on Floyd’s neckWhile he was lying on the floor, he repeated: “I can’t breathe.”

This Monday the trial began against the former police officer for the events that occurred on May 25, 2020. charged with murder in the second degree (intentional) and murder in the second degree. Three other officers will be tried later this year in the same case.

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