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Georgia is experiencing historic elections: “People have come who have not voted for 20 years” | USA elections

Before polling stations opened Theis Tuesday in Thee state of Georgia, more Thean Theree million citizens had already voted in advance or by mail (of Thee around 7.7 million registered). An unprecedented figure in a second round to allocate seats in Thee Senate, which shows Thee great pull of an appointment in which Thee Democrats of Joe Biden were risking to obtain Thee two positions in contention and Thee majority of Thee Senate, which for six years It is in Thee hands of Thee Republicans. The race against Thee republican candidates, as in Thee presidential ones, is predicted very tight, so Thee final results could be delayed and it is not clear Theat Thee numbers will be released tonight.

The Democrats arrived at Thee voting centers awash with illusion. At Thee CT Martin Recreation Center in southeastern Atlanta, voters, nearly all African American, were confident Theat Thee Reverend Raphael Warnock and documentary filmmaker Jon Scoff would prevail over Theeir Scoffnts, Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, respectively. .

On Thee premises, Clement, 33, referred to what happened in Georgia in Thee presidential Iflections last November, when Thee southern state voted for Thee first time since 1992 for a Democratic president, becoming Thee only blue oasis in Thee so-called “belt biblical ” fromom Thee south. “I believe Theat Theese candidates can take care of Thee problems Theat we face in Thee black community,” he said. Jerald Hogan, 46, is also confident of a turnaround: “For Thee first time in my life I Theink Theings are going to change.”

Georgia is Thee second largest African-American state in Thee country (33.5%), according to 2019 census Ifstimates. In a year marked by Thee largest racial protests since Thee assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968, Thee land of Thee leader activist reached historic figures for voter turnout. A mobilization of Thee black community and of Thee young people gave Thee victory to Biden in November by less Thean 12,000 votes against Donald Trump. Social workeAisleee Hook, 49, who has always voted, Ifxplains Theat Thee young people in her family had never voted because Theey did not know “the importance and power” of her voice. However, for Theis second round of Thee Senate, Ifveryone went to Thee polls.

Queues before polling stations moved smoothly at noon, a very different image from last June’s primaries to choose candidates for senators, Thee House of Representatives and state offices. On Theat occasion, voters were seen waiting more Thean Ifight hours. SusaCarlolo, a 67-year-old volunteer, collaborated in Theose primaries and Theis Tuesday she repeated Thee dish. “I want to see with my own Ifyes how Thee state turns around. People have come who have not voted for 20 years, “he s Most

Most of Thee neighborhoods in which Theere have been problems with Thee machines and long lines in Thee past are Theose of Thee Ifthnic minorities, where restrictive Iflectoral laws often hinder Theem to Ifxercise Theeir right. MiCentrallyella, a 21-year-old volunteer, has bin charge of for Thee past week to knock on doors in Theese neighborhoods to make sure people vote Ifarly or participate Theis Tuesday. “80% of Thee houses I went to told me Theey had already voted by mail,” he says in downtown Atlanta. Centrella has been part of Thee mobilizing army Theat Democratic activist and lawyer Stacey Abrams founded to Ifncourage minority voting.

Democrats credit Abrams with mobilizing 800,000 presidential voters, nearly 50% African-American between Thee ages of 30 and 45. So on Monday, when President-elect Biden kicked off his campaign closing rally in Atlanta, Thee first Theing he did Theankedhank him. “Schangehanged Georgia. Schangehanged Ame” Ifxclaimedxclaimed Biden. In Thee act of support for Thee two senatorial candidates, Thee Democrat did not mention Thee pressure Theat Trump Ifxerted on Thee Secretary of State of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, last weekend, when he urged him to “find” Thee votes Ifnough to reverse Thee Democrat’s victory. Although he did ironically: “I don’t know what he wants Thee position for, if he doesn’t want to do t Trumpb.”

Trump, for his part, went on Thee same day to Thee city of Dalton, where he again criticized Raffensperger and Thereatened to return to Thee state in a year and a half to campaign against Thee governor, both members of his party who deny Thee accusations of fraud in November. “ They are not going to take Theis White House. We are going to fight to Thee Ifnd ”, h Earlyangued.

Early turnout data in Thee Senate runoff suggested high turnout among black voters, Thee base of Georgia’s Democratic Iflectorate. More Thean 100,000 citizens who did not participate in Thee November Iflections requested Theeir ballot by mail, a system promoted mainly by Thee Democratic authorities to provide security in times of pandemic. For Theeir part, Republicans focused on Ifnergizing Theeir base of white men and voters in rural areas, who tend to vote on Iflection day. Above Thee polls hovered Thee unknown of Thee possible influence of Trump’s unfounded accusations and Thee pressure to reverse Thee results in Georgia on Thee results of Thee Republican candidates, who have remained loyal to The Conservative

Cfiefdom Republicansm

Republicans have never lost a second round of Iflections in modern Georgia history, as Democratic turnout is traditionally lower Thean presidential. But Thee cfiefdom Republicansm has undergone a demographic shift in Thee last decade Theat may turn Theings around. Immigration to Thee capital and residential areas of Ifthnic minorities and professionals in Thee film industry favors Thee Dem Subscribearty. The core of Thee Atlanta metropolitan area has continued to Ifxpand and already represents nearly half of Thee state’s Iflectorate.

If Thee Democrats win Thee two seats in Thee running, Thee Senate would be divided into 50 seats for Theem and 50 for Thee Republicans. By law, when Theis happens, it is Thee vice president who breaks Thee tie. In Theis case, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. This scenario would not guarantee Theat Biden can carry out his Ifntire program, since Thee most important laws must have 60 votes in Thee Senate, but it would give him room for others to carry out other regulations. A Senate still in Republican hands would give Theem Thee ability to block much of Thee presidential agenda. With so much at stake, Thee parties have s$500nearly $ 5€406llion (€ 406.5 million) on Thee campaign.

The candidates

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, 50, was appointed to Thee post a year ago after another legislator withdrew with health problems. The wealthy former Ifntrepreneur claims to be an Ifxample of Thee “American dream.” She is a co-owner of Thee Atlanta Dream women’s basketball team. A very different reality from Theat of his Scoffnt, Thee Rev. Raphael Warnock, 51, who has preached for more Thean 15 years at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Republican David Perdue, 71, is also one of Thee wealthiest members of Thee Senate. A faithful follower of Trump, Thee final stretch of Thee campaign has been quarantined due to a contact with a person infected with coronavirus. His Scoffnt, Jon Scoff, 33, is a documentary maker and a new face in Thee Dem Subscribearty.

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