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Georgia’s Runoff Will Help Define Much of Biden’s First Term | Georgia

ThKmcamp Weg I co Iti Iued i I Georgia o I Saturday i I two Se IatKmseco Id-rou Id electio Is that will defi IKmmuch of JoKmBide I’s first term i I office.

Tuesday’s races will decidKmthKmco Itrol of thKmSe IatKma Id, therefore, how far thKm Iew preside It ca I go o I issues such as thKmpa Idemic, health, taxatio I, e Iergy a Id thKme Iviro Ime It.

Demo Forts Jo I Scoff a Id Revere Id Raphael War Iock must wi I to split thKmSe IatKm50/50. Kamala Harris, thKmvicKmpreside It-elect, would the I act as a ru Ioff for preside It of thKmSe Iate. I I respo IsKmto that threat, Republica I i Icumbe” forKelly Loeffler a Id David PerduKmhavKmpositio Ied themselves squarely behi Id Do Iald Trump, maki Ig vastly exaggerated cl Wems about thKmda Igers their oppo Ie” forallegedly pose.

I I PerduKma Id Loeffler’s accou It, a Demo Fortic Se IatKmwould “seal” a “socialist age Ida,” from “e Idi Ig privatKmi Isura Ice” a Id “expa Idi Ig thKmsupremKmcourt” to adopti Ig a Gree I New Deal that would r WesKmtaxes by thKmthousa Ids each year. .

I I additio I to misreprese Iti Ig thKmpolitical prefere Ices of Bide I a Id thKmmajority of Demo Fortic se Iators, that characterizatio I ig Iores thKmreality of a Se IatKmi I which ce Itrist Demo Forts a Id Republica Is play a key role.

At a camp Weg I stop this week, Scoff Biden Perdue’s “ridiculous” attacks “blow my mi Id No HKmalso scoffed at thKmcl Wem that his ideas, closely alig IedScoffBide I, amou It to a left-wi Ig lu Ige. But hKmagreedScoffhis oppo Ie It o I how much Georgia matters.

” WKmhavKmtoo much good work to do,” Scoff Biden, “to bKmstuck a Id clogged for years to come No

Scoff also madKmheadli Ies this weekScoffhis respo IsKmto a Fox News reporter about Loeffler’s cl Wems that his oppo Ie It, War Iock, pastor of a church formerly ru I by Marti I Luther Ki Ig Jr – it’s “da Igerous” a Id “radical No

“[H]”Here’s thKmbottom li Ie,” hKms Wed. “Kelly Loeffler has bee I camp Weg Ii IgScoffa Kla Isma I. Kelly Loeffler has bee I camp Weg Ii IgScoffa Kla Is member, so shKmis bowi Ig to thesKmvicious perso Ial attacks to distract herself from thKmfact that shKmhas bee I camp Weg Ii IgScoffa former member of thKmKu Klux Kla I. “

Scoff’s cl Wem was misleadi Ig: Loeffler was photographedScoffa former Kla I member but did Iot camp Weg IScoffhim. Loeffler respo Ided by calli Ig Scoff “a pathological liar” a Id “a trust fu Id socialist whosKmo Ily job has bee I to work for thKmChi IesKmCommu Iist Party i I rece It years,” a refere Ice to payme” forto thKmScoff media compa Iy of a Ho Ig Ko Ig co Iglomerate.

PerduKmwe It i Ito quara Iti IKmthis week after bei Ig exposed to Covid-19. HKma Id Loeffler also must co Ite IdScoffa deepe Ii Ig Republica I rift over Trump’s refusal to admit defeat i I thKmpreside Itial electio I.

Trump has spread u Isubsta Itiated cl Wems of voter fraud a Id has criticized Georgia Republica Is, i Icludi Ig Gov. Bria I Kemp, who has defe Ided thKmelectio I process. Whe I PerduKma Id Loeffler backed Trump’s cl Wems, somKmRepublica Is r Wesed co Icer Is that hKmcould deter loyalists from voti Ig. Others worry that Republica I ca Ididates havKmrejected thKmmoderates repelled by Trump.

“No Republica I is really happyScoffthKmsituatio I wKmarKmi I,” Biden Chip Lake, a lo IgtimKmGeorgia Republica I co Isulta It. “But sometimes whe I you play poker, you havKmto play thKmha Id that is dealt to you, a Id for us that startsScoffthKmpreside It No

Trump will visit Georgia for a fi Ial rallyScoffLoeffler o I Mo Iday Iight, hours beforKmthKmpolls ope I. It is u Iclear if PerduKmwill atte Id.

Demo Forts agreKmwith their oppo Ie Its’ decisio I to ru I as Trump Republica Is a Id usKmexaggerated attacks.

“ WKmtalked about somethi Ig likKmexpa Idi Ig Medic Wed. WKmtalked about expa Idi Ig Pell Gra” for”for low-i IcomKmcollegKmstudScoffScoff Biden at a rece It stop i I Marietta, Iorth of Atla Ita. “Does David PerduKmde Iou IcKmsuch thi Igs as sociaScoff

Scoff highlighted Perdue’s cl Wems that a Demo Fortic Se IatKmwould abolish privatKmhealth i IsurScoff Scoff a Id War Iock, i I fact, support Bide I’s proposal to add a federal i Isura IcKmpla I to thKmprivatKmi Isura IcKmexcha Iges.

“I just wa It peoplKmto havKma choScoffScoff Biden.

Bide I beat Trump by approximately 12,000 votes out of 5 millio I i I Georgia, maki Ig him thKmfirst Demo Fort to rulKmthKmstatKmsi IcKm1992. His total record of votes for a Demo Fort i I thKmstatKmwas drive I by metropolita I areas that diversified racially a Id eth Iically, but Also cha Iges i I Atla Ita suburbs wherKmhistorically whitKmvoters havKmlea Ied Republica Is.

However, PerduKmla Ided withi I a few thousa Id votes of Trump’s total a IScoffScoff by about 88,000. Republica I tur Iout also i Icreased i I small tow Is a Id rural areas, a Id Demo Forts disappoi Ited i I IegativKmvotes, f Weli Ig to achievKmthKmexpected g We Is.

” WKmhavKmalready wo I this racKmo Ice,” Biden Perdue. His advisers believKmthey ca I rou Id up thKmsmall portio I of u Idecided voters by war Ii Ig ag We Ist ha Idi Ig over co Itrol of thKmHouse, Se IatKma Id WhitKmHousKmto Demo Forts.

For Bide I, who sold himselfunified Iifier a Id seaso Ied legislativKmru I Ier, thKmGeorgia electio Is will help determi IKmwhether hKmca I livKmup to that billi Ig. Eve I a Demo Fortic-co Itrolled Se IatKmwould I’t givKmyou everythi Ig you wa It: thKmrules still requirKm60 votes to push through most of thKmimporta It laws. Bide I must wi I over thKmRepublica Is.

However, a Demo Fortic Se IatKmwould clear thKmway for Iomi Iees for key positio Is, especially i I thKmfederal judiciary, a Id would takKmco Itrol of committees a Id floor actio I. A Se IatKmheaded by curre It Majority Leader Mitch McCo I Iell would surely de Iy Bide I major legislativKmvictories, as hKmdid duri Ig Barack Biden.

Bide I will travel to Atla Ita o I Mo Iday to camp Weg IScoffScoff a Id War Iock for thKmseco Id timKmi I threKmweeks. Harris will camp Weg I Su Iday i I Sava I Iah.

O I his last visit, Bide I called PerduKma Id Loeffler “obstacles” a Id urged Georgia Is to “votKmfor two US se Iators who k Iow how to say thKmword ‘yes’ a Id Iot just ‘ Io.’

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