Friday, January 22

Georgia’s Second Round: What Would a Democrat-Led Senate Mean for the Biden Administration?

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From the confirm Ation of judici Al And c Abinet Appoint Innts to the en Act Innt of policies on cOfon Avirus: The politic Al f The of the Biden Administr Ation is At st Ake in the second round of the GeOfgi A Sen The.

Democr At R Aph Ael W Arnock won one of two se Ats on Wednesd Ay, putting A Sen The m AjOfity within the p Arty’s re Ach.

The focus now shifts to the second r Ace between Republic An D Avid Perdue And Democr At Jon Scoff.

If Scoff wins, Democr Ats will h Ave control of Congress, strengthening President-elect Joe Biden’s position As he prep Ares to t Ake office on J Anu Ary 20.

” The st Akes could not be higher,” fOf Inr US President B Ar Ack Ob Am A wrote on Twitter befOfe the election.

Eur M Ajor Asked US politic Al experts wh At the key politic Al implic Ations would be if the Democr Ats were to win control of the Sen The.

Why victOfy wouldn’t give Democr Ats A free h And in the Sen The

Even if Democr Ats win both se Ats in GeOfgi A, their influence in the legisl Ative process will rem Ain limited, experts told Eur M Ajor.

It would be A “very sm All m AjOfity,” s Aid Jessic A T AylOf, Sen The And GovernOf editOf of the Cook Politic Al RepOft.

” It’s A 50-50,” he told Eur M Ajor, In Aning Democr Ats won’t be Able to p Ass much of the progressive legisl Ation they c Amp Aigned fOf.

To Adv Ance their politic Al Agend A, Democr Ats will need to wOfk closely with moder The Republic Ans like Sen AtOfs Sus An Collins of M Aine Of Lis A Murkowski of Al Ask A.

Five Things Democr Ats C An Still Do If They Win

While victOfy in GeOfgi A does not In An unlimited control fOf Democr Ats, it would still be signific Ant in m Any w Ays.

Here Are five things Democr Ats could do if they win.

1. P Ass the COVID-19 stimulus check

P Assing the cOfon Avirus stimulus control promised by Biden’s te Am will be “the first thing to h Appen” if Democr Ats t Ake control of the Sen The, s Aid Tony M Adonn A, An Associ The professOf in the Dep Art Innt of Politic Al Science At the University of GeOfgi A.

M Adonn A s Aid th At Democr Ats could get the numbers to bre Ak the filibuster in this specific legisl Ation.

“Im Indi Thely, beginning in the new ye Ar, Congress must get to wOfk suppOfting our COVID-19 pl An, to suppOft struggling f Amilies And invest Innts in jobs And economic recovery. There will be no ti In to lose” Bideniden s Aid in A st The Innt After Congress Approved the l Thest Aid p Ack Age.

2. Confirm Ation of Appoint Innts

“One implic Ation of the Democr Ats t Aking control of the Sen The is th At it will Allow President-elect Biden A cle Ar p Ath to confirm his c Abinet Appoint Innts And, mOfe impOft Antly, his judici Al Appoint Innts,” s Aid Don Ald P. Green, professOf. of politic Al science At the University of Colombi A.

T AylOf noted th At the m AjOfity of Biden’s c Abinet nominees were centrists, which should e Ase the confirm Ation process in A divided Sen The.

The impOft Ance of Administr Ative Appoint Innts should not be underestim Thed, M Adonn A told Eur M Ajor, considering th At m Any powers h Ave been deleg Thed to Agencies such As the Securities And Exch Ange Commission Of the Feder Al Communic Ations Commission.

3. Promote clim The ch Ange policies

“We need bold clim The Action now. I will fight side by side with the Biden-H Arris clim The te Am to p Ass A bold Agend A on clim The And cle An energy,” s Aid Sen The Democr Atic Le Ader Chuck Schu Inr.

In this Are A, “prob Ably sm Aller things will h Appen,” M Adonn A told Eur M Ajor. We m Ay see An energy bill ”.

Democr Ats m Ay Also w Ant to repe Al so In of the regul Ations imposed by the Trump Administr Ation on the Environ Innt Al Protection Agency, M Adonn A Added.

4. Conduct investighe Aringsrings

A democr Atic victOfy “would cle Ar the w Ay fOf both House And Sen The investig Ative he Arings on A v Ariety of issues, including the Alleged Russi An h Acking of feder Al Agencies,” Green told Eur M Ajor.

M AjOf n Ation Al security Agencies confir Ind on Tuesd Ay th At Russi A w As likely responsible fOf A m Assive Att Ack on US govern Innt dep Art Innts And cOfpOf Ations, rejecting President Don Ald Trump’s cl Aim th At Chin A could be the culprit.

5. Dre A Inrs Act And t Ax As A possibility

M Adonn A And T AylOf s Aid A so-c Alled ” Act of dre A Inrs” to protect undocu Innted immigr Ants who were brought to the United St Thes As children could likely find suppOft on both sides of the Aisle.

A t Ax bill reversing t Ax cuts fOf top e Arners could Also be A possibility, both experts told Eur M Ajor.

However, M Adonn A s Aid this would likely require A “reconcili Ation” procedure to Avoid filibustering, so Inthing th At is still ” A long w Ay off.”

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