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Gerardo Muñoz presents the first book that compiles the entire history of El Campello

Researcher Gerardo Muñoz and Mayor Juanjo Berenguer

Researcher Gerardo Muñoz and Mayor Juanjo Berenguer
Hector Fuentes

Documents extracted from various official archives, historical references, statistics, sector reports, population censuses, old and current photographs, news rescued from very diverse newspaper archives, pages taken from centenary files and anecdotes of all kinds, have served the writer and historical researcher Gerardo Muñoz Lorente to shape a book of 320 pages which, edited by the City Council, commemorates the 120 years of El Campello becoming an independent municipality of Alicante, a city to which it belonged until April 18, 1901.

The work, titled “The trip of El Campello: 120 years of municipality, millennia of history”, was presented today coinciding with the celebration of Book Day, in a simple act held at the Rafael Altamira Library with limited assistance to authorities, journalists and the writer’s family due to the impossibility of welcoming more audiences given the restrictive anticovid measures. And the INFORMACIÓN newspaper collaborates with this publication with the free distribution of 500 copies through a primer that can be obtained on May 2.

Gerardo Muñoz during the presentation Hector Fuentes

The act has focused on the interventions of the author himself and of the mayor Juanjo Berenguer, for whom with this book the municipality approves a pending subject, which was “give the shape of a book to our history, beyond the prehistoric, Iberian, Roman or medieval settlements, of which the archaeologists who so often visit us to explain how and why very different civilizations chose this land to live have already given a good account ”.

“It was a lagoon that existed in the municipality to this day: documenting page by page, decade by decade and year by year the development of the neighborhood since it took the form of a small village of farmers and fishermen until it became what it is today: a prosperous town and Turistic center of undeniable value ”, the mayor remarked.

Juanjo Berenguer has presented the author as the expert in historical research that he is, a member of the Consell Valencià de Cultura (CVC) and a member of the Association of Writers of Spain (ACE). “A man who enjoys diving in libraries and archives in an incessant search for documents with which he illustrates us in dozens of books and journalistic articles ”.

Rigorous and documented

“The trip to El Campello: 120 years of municipality, millennia of history”, has meant for Gerardo Muñoz “a new challenge”, as he pointed out. To shape the book he has consulted for months thousands of documents in the municipal archives of Alicante and El Campello, in addition to dozens of journalistic headlines, history books and publications of all kinds.

The mayor and the first deputy mayor, Julio Oca, leaf through the book with its author Hector Fuentes

“It has been a responsibility and a pleasure to carry out this work, from which I have learned a lot about El Campello, a town with a lot of history that I liked a lot before, and with which I have now fallen in love,” he assured.

The book has been rigorously written and extensively documented, which explains the more than 1,000 footnotes identifying the sources of each subject matter. “No guesswork,” he emphasized. “Pure and hard history.”

In the final stretch of the act, Gerardo Muñoz has handed over to the mayor Juanjo Berenguer a pendrive on which he has recorded more than 890 photographic files from between 1705 and 1905 distributed in 120 folders, in addition to 280 pages of personal annotations in which the 1,200 news collected on El Campello since 1871 in different newspapers.

This information, vital to know the history of the municipality, now becomes part of the Municipal Archive of El Campello, which did not have it, so that it can be consulted by the interested parties.

The publication, of which they have been edited 1,200 copies, is now available on the municipal website of the City Council, where can be downloaded in its entirety in pdf format. In addition, it will be distributed free of charge through the printed edition of the newspaper INFORMATION. On May 2 you will be able to get the primer, and readers will have from May 3 to 8 to get the 5 coupons, counting on a wild card day, delivering the book on Saturday, May 15.

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