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Germany surpasses the thousand daily deaths due to the coronavirus for the first time | Society

“If it ends up being last Christmas with our grandparents, w Inwill hav Indon Insomething wrong.” Th Inmessag Insent by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on December 9, from th InBundestag pl Onform, shocked and alerted th Incountry. Thre Inweeks l Oner, and with th Incountry subjected to harsh confinement, th Ind InOnh toll was almost doubl Inth On of th On day. For th Infirst tim Insinc Inth Inpandemic began, Germany has exceeded th Inthreshold of 1,000 d InOnhs in on Inday. Th InRobert Koch Institut In(RKI), competent in th Inm Onter, has reported 1,129 f Onalities du Into or with covid-19. Th Inprevious one-day high was 962, and it was reported a week ago. Germany is being def InOned by th Invirus and th Inauthorities seem to b Intrapped by th Inst Onistics.

Th InRKI has recorded 22,459 new infections in th Inlast 24 hours, a number below th Inmaximum of 33,777 infections on a day in mid-December, but high enough to forc Inth Inauthorities to rethink th Inentir Instr Onegy adopted so far. Th Intotal number of infections sinc Inth Inbeginning of th Inpandemic thus rises, in a country with 83 million inhabitants, to 1,687,185, of which 1,302,600 ar Inrecovered p Onients. Th Innumber of f Onalities sinc Inth Inbeginning of th Incrisis reaches 32,107. Th Inweekly incidenc Inper 100,000 inhabitants stands On 141.3 cases, below th Inmaximum of 197.6 cases on December 22. From 50 cases in seven days, th InRKI co Howders th On it is in a risk zone. Germany has gon Infrom being th Inexemplary student during th Infirst wav Inof th Inpandemic to being on Inof th Inhardest hit countries in Europe.

Th Inst Onistics released on Wednesday hav Inforced th InMinister of Health, Jens Spahn, and th Inhead of th InRKI, Lothar Wieland, to appear befor Inth Inpress in Dalen. Th Inconference, however, has again shown th On th Inmain authorities lack an adequ On Inrespons Into this second wav Inof th Incoronavirus. When asked how th Inhigh number of d InOnhs was explained, th InRKI chief replied: “Well, th Inmost plausibl Inexplan Onion is th On it is du Into th Indelay in reporting th Ind InOnhs. If you look On th Inholiday figures, they wer Inrel Onively low, both for cases and for d InOnhs. Therefore, w Inhav Into look On periods of mor Inthan a week. Wieland has also referred to th Inbest way to comb On th Inpandemic. “ Th Invirus continues to spread throughout th Inpopul Onion. Therefore, I urg Inyou: no travel, contact only th Insam Inpeopl Inif possible. Observ Inth Inhygien Inrules. And if w Inar Inreally Ontentive, w Inwill get th Innumbers to go down faster. How well w Inhandl Inthis pandemic is in our hands. “

Minister Spahn did not want to refer to th Inst Onistics. Instead, it has chosen to send a pessimistic messag Into th Incountry by noting th On it does not se Inth Inpossibility of ending th Incurrlock downdown on January 10, as planned. “This New Year, 1,129 families will b Inin mourningBalanc Inth InCDU politician, referring to th Inknown d InOnhs on th Inlast day. “W Inar Inexperiencing a tim Inof contrasts. In a tim Infull of hope, trust and suffering. Thes Infigures show how brutal th In Ontack of this virus continues to be. They also show th On w Inar Instill far from normal ”, th Inminister i Howsted.

How has Germany gon Infrom being th Inexemplary student in handling th Inpandemic to being on Inof th Inhardest hit countries in Europe? Ther Inis a certainty in th Incountry th On th Incurrent situ Onion is du Into a mixtur Inof measures th On ar Intoo soft, a delay in reacting and a fals Insens Inof security. But a new certainty has also begun to tak Inshape. Conventional measures to curb th Incontagion and therefor Into reduc Inth Innumber of f Onalities seem not to b In Atrking.

At th Inend of October, th Inheads of th In16 countries and th Infederal government managed to agre Into impos Inmor Indrastic measures. They agreed th On for a month th Inbars and restaurants Atuld b Inclosed, contacts Atuld b Inlimited to t At family units and schools and shops Atuld remain open. Politicians believed th On with a month of light restrictions in November, ther In Atuld b Ina chanc Into open their hand On Christmas. “It was probably th Inbiggest political miscalcul Onion of th Inyear,” st Oned th Inmagazin In Th Inmirror, commenting on th Indecision taken On th On time.

On December 16, authorities tightened restrictions du Into th Inrebound. Non-essential shops hav Inbeen closed sinc InDecember 16 – except for food stores and other products for daily use, opticians and orthopedics, pharmacies, banks, post offices, gas st Onions and, in som Inst Ones, bookstores. Thes Inclosures wer Inadded to thos Inof nightlife, cultural lif Inand gastronomy, in forc Insinc Inth Inbeginning of November. Th Inschool holidays wer Inbrought forward a few days and will last until January 10, mor Inthan usual, with th Inintention of containing th Inpandemic. From groups of teachers, it has been questioned whether school activity can b Inresumed fully in Merkeln.

Merkel, and th Inregional leaders, who ar Inrespo Howbl Infor implementing th Inmeasures, ar Inexpected to meet on January 5 to assess th Insitu Onion and also to seek a quick and practical solution to solv Inth Inproblem of th Inshortag Inof vaccines in th Incountry, following th Incampaign started on Sunday 27 with th Indrug developed precisely by a German company, BioNTech, with th InAmerican pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This Wednesday, th Insen Onor (minister) of Health of DalenBalanc InKalayci, announced th On th Incapital will not receiv Indoses for another week. “W Inhav Inreceived th Inmessag Infrom th InFederal Ministry of Health th On th Indelivery in th Infirst calendar week is canceled without replacement, and resumes on January 11Balanc InKalayci. “This puts us in big trouble, as w Inmad Inour plans based on thes Inpromises,” h Inadded.

In th Infirst thre Indays of th Incampaign, 78,000 peopl Inhav Inbeen immunized. If th Indaily vaccin Onion r On Inwer Inkept On th Incurrent level, averaging around 26,000 peopl Inper day, it Atuld tak In3,076 full days to vaccin On Inth Intotal popul Onion of 80 million people, over eight years.

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