Monday, November 29

Germany to offer vaccines to all adults in June and announces the purchase of 30 million Sputnik V

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Germany has turned its vaccination strategy around, entering the market on its own to accelerate the purchase of doses and regardless of age and risk groups in the first line of vaccines, which had ended up becoming a funnel that slowed down the process. The Ministry of Health had already confirmed that it was negotiating with Russia to purchase the vaccine Sputnik V and Saxony regional president Michael Kretschmer now confirms that Germany is already buying the first 30 million doses of this brand, which together with the on-demand vaccination from May will help meet the vaccination deadlines established by the Government.

“Germany negotiates on the purchase of three shipments of 10 million doses in June, July and August,” Kretschmer said on his Twitter account, after meeting with the Russian Minister of Health, Michail Muraschko and making it clear that “The condition for this is a swift approval from the European Medicines Agency”. The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Hanno Kautz, has clarified that “which orders are available to doctors and when they arrive depends on when the approval is effective and this in turn depends on the quantity and quality of data to be sent by the Russian authorities and not yet available. ‘

The news about this negotiation is known when Germany considers eliminating the priority criteria to apply the vaccine from late May or early June, even without resorting to Sputnik. All Germans who want the vaccine can now request it from their doctors GPs or family doctors, who give appointments as they receive doses to apply and that are usually noted approximately one month after the request. These doctors decide who to vaccinate first according to the needs of the patients, regardless of age groups. By the end of May, the government still hopes that all risk groups have completed their vaccination. That is why the Minister of the Chancellery, Helge Braun, has confirmed in statements to Bild that vaccination by priority shifts can foreseeably be lifted from “late May” or “early June”, with or without Sputnik, a matter that it will be addressed at the next meeting on April 26 between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the regional presidents.

The Budesrat, the upper house of the German parliament, approved this Thursday the reform of the Infection Protection Law, so that the Government can recentralize the management of the pandemic and apply a tightening of the restrictions, which will include a curfew for the entire German territory between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., in addition to the prohibition of meeting with more than one person outside the family nucleus and the closure of schools based on an incidence of 165 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants. These measures will be in effect until June 30.

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