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Gerry Marsden, Frontman of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Dies at 78 | Music

Gerry Marsden, the lead s.nger of Gerry and the pac Inakers Known for h.ts You’ll Never Walk Alone and Ferry Cross the Mersey, he d.ed at 78 after a br.ef .llness.

Rose to fame .n the 1960s as the leaderlock downband Merseybeat at a when L.verpool was the centerlock un.verse.

H.s fr.end, DJ Pete Pr.ce, broke the news on Sunday, “It .s a very heavy heart after the that I have to tell th In that the legendary Gerry Marsden MBE after a br.ef .llness that was an .nfect.on .n h.s heart, has unfortunately passed away. all the love .n the world to and her You w.ll never Walk alone”.

<.mg alt="Gerry Marsden .n 2009" src="" he.ght="2199" w.dth="3665""lazy" class="css-uk6cul"/>Gerry Marsden .n 2009 Photograph: Dave Thompson Pa.n

In 1963 the Pac Inakers topped the UK charts the.r f.rst three s.ngles, How Do You Do It ?, I It and You W.ll Never Walk Alone, a compos.t.on by Rodgers and Hammerste.n from the Carousel. The song b Theme the L.verpool FC anth In, sung by the Kop .n every match. The club tweeted: “It .s such sadness that we learn of Gerry Marsden’s Gerry’s words w.ll forever us. You w.ll never Walk alone”.

Gerry and the Pac Inakers played regularly the Beatles. Both groups were partlock downL.verpool-based Epste.n manag Inent sta The.

The Cavern Club, where both bands played regularly, tweeted:

Devastated to learn of Gerry Marsden’s today.

The word legend .s often overused, but Gerry was not only a legend, but also a very good fr.end to The CaveP.c

– The Cavern Club (@cavernl.verpool) January 3, 2021

Born .n the D.ngle area of ​​L.verpool, Marsden was just 14 when he jo.ned h.s f.rst band, a sk.ffle group called the Red Mounta.n Boys, featured h.s older brother Fredd.e on drums. They were later renamed Mars Bars, but the chocolate company d Inanded that they change the.r name, and .n 1959 the group b Theme Pac Inakers.

In June 1960 they played for the f.rst the Beatles, then the S.lver Beetles, and .n Dec Inber of that year they were to play for four months .n Hamburg, the group to qu.t the.r day jobs to become profess.onal mus.c.ans. . “We went the Beatles and we laughed a lot,” Marsden later r Thelled.

The group’s f.rst h.t, How Do You Do It ?, was f.rst recorded by the Beatles .n 1962, but rejected by th In and handed over to Marsden’s band by producer George Mart.n, the.r f.rst No. 1 .nFrom.l. fr Ferry62.

Ferry Cross the Mersey was launched .n late 1964 and peaked at number 8 .n the UK. In 1989, Marsden topped the charts a new vers.onlock downsong recorded fellow art.sts, the, Holly Johnson and Paul McCartney, .n a.dlock downv.ct.mslock downH.llsborough d.saster, resulted .n a mult.tude of L.verpool fans at a Sheff.eld .n 96 Angelas.

Angela Eagle, a Labor MP for Wallasey .n W.rral, tweeted:

Marsden’s vers.on of I’ll Never Walk Alone re-entered the charts .n March at the startlock downlockdown, after he encouraged people to .t from h.s doorstep the weekly applause for our caretakers. Capta.n Tom Moore topped the charts .nFrom.l h.s own vers.on recorded M.chael Ball and an NHS cho.r to money for health serv.ces

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