Tuesday, October 19

Get into puddles – Information

Precisely for this reason, it is incomprehensible to me that there are important political leaders who are playing provocation, as a hallmark of their leadership, practicing a scorched earth policy that has many costs and very few benefits. It is true that there are political forces that have made the systematic generation of conflicts of all kinds the axis of their public presence, as is the case with Vox, something that the far-right parties share. It is not consensus, dialogue or reason the force that moves them, but precisely the opposite, generating gaps in society to crack coexistence and thus feed conflicts of all kinds.

The bad thing is when this deliberate policy of generating social unrest is also assimilated by the right wing of the PP, increasingly shaped by the speeches and actions of the extreme right with which it competes. This is how a good part of the speeches, the actions and the same controversies carried out by the PP and its leaders are explained in the key of assimilation of Vox’s speech and strategies, something really disturbing.

In this summer of well-deserved breaks and the Olympic Games, in which we all have an eye on the evolution of the pandemic in that so-called fifth wave, the leader of the PP, Pablo Married, has not stopped generating controversy and disagreements related to his public presence on social networks and his disconcerting speeches. It is true that nothing seems new in his recent political career as the opposition leader in Europe who is working the hardest to make things the worst possible for his compatriots, someone who never has a word of appreciation, gratitude or affection . And it is true that in that kind of compulsive need of Casado to be one day after another generating headlines in the media and on social networks, he has accumulated so many atrocities and nonsense that we have lost count. But his fondness for getting into puddles and fueling unnecessary controversy continues to surprise.

The last of them has come to the story of his silence, by not publicly congratulating two Spanish athletes who have obtained important triumphs in the Olympic Games, the bronze medalist in triple jump, Ana Furrier, in a test in which the world record was broken, and the silver medal of Ray Zapata in the floor specialty in artistic gymnastics flavored with gold, being equaled in score with the first in the competition. What is striking in this case is that, previously, Casado had publicly congratulated other medalists in different competitions and with different triumphs, given the circumstance that Vox had also done the same, ceasing to congratulate these two medalists that they have in It is common to be black and in the case of the Galician athlete Peleteiro, to have had a public position of rejection of far-right policies and to claim to feel Spanish having a different skin color.

The vindication of their Spanishness and their condition as black at the same time is not gratuitous, to the extent that, from different sectors of the extreme right they came to deny their status as Spaniards because of their surnames and because of the color of their skin, something so shameful as well as despicable. In fact, the deputy for Vox in Congress Francisco Joseph Contreras, or the MEP for this very right-wing force in the European Parliament Hermann TertschThey called these athletes “emigrants”, despite having Spanish nationality and, in the case of Peleteiro, having been born in Spain and being the daughter of a Spanish mother.

But Casado, far from escaping from this controversy fueled with joy by Vox, taking the opportunity to highlight the importance of a diverse Spain built with effort by people like these two athletes, let the days pass without express congratulations to these two Olympic medalists, to despite the fact that it was claimed this way from many sectors. Did Pablo Casado feel more comfortable supporting the xenophobia and racism of his far-right rival party with his silence, than spreading a public congratulation to two great athletes who have competed under the flag of Spain in the Olympic Games?

And the most unfortunate thing is that no one in his environment is able to explain to Casado that the commitment to coexistence in a complex, diverse and plural society such as Spain, where we all fit, goes through recognizing the wealth of its people and territories, in instead of defending old essences of racial purity, as do his political partners on the extreme right with whom he governs in so many places.


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