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Get to know all the different types of Dab rigs

If you love smoking weed, then you must have heard of dab rigs. While marijuana is gaining popularity with each passing year, we see more and more ways to smoke it. Dab rigs are one of the modern ways to smoke marijuana. Includes super concentrated THC for smoking in the form of touches. Dabs are very powerful, so inexperienced marijuana smokers can find it a bit intimidating.

Wax touches are different from dried herbs and require special settings to smoke properly. You need more than just a glass smoking pipe and a lighter to enjoy the touches of wax. To smoke brush strokes, you need a platform and a torch lighter. Now, there are different types of dab rigs available. And to enjoy the dab rig smoking experience, you need to choose the right type of dab rig for you. Some dab rigs are even portable and you can take them with you.

In this post, you will learn about the different types of dab rigs that will help you make the right choice. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Type 1. Glass dab rigs

Let’s start with the traditional type of platform: glass dab rigs. These glass oil rigs have a classy style and are commonly used by many people, mainly those who like to smoke wax, rosin or breakage. Thick borosilicate glass is used to make glass dab rigs, making them extremely durable and heat resistant. The high heat resistance allows these equipment to withstand even the high temperatures of dabbing.

You can find these dab kits in a variety of sizes and designs. Typically these kits can range from 6 ”to over 12” in height. Any typical clear glass dab rig would look similar to a bong. However, these kits can come in various colors.

Type 2. Mini platforms

As the name suggests, mini rigs are the smallest versions of dab rigs. They are typically 7 ”tall and are also made from thick borosilicate glass. You can also find mini rigs made of silicone. The best part about these smaller kits is that you can take them on the go. The main reason for its popularity is its convenience.

You can enjoy your touches of wax without worrying about losing the smoothness. These mini platforms offer a great success that you can enjoy. The design of this equipment is more complex and has more bends in the pipes for better cooling. You can also find additional trickles for filtration.

Mini computers do not lose their performance even if they are smaller. In fact, the addition of percolation can make some of the mini platforms smoother than other traditional platforms. In addition to this, they are cheaper than traditional dab rigs.

Type 3. Recycler Dab Rigs

If you are looking for something smoother than traditional dab rigs and mini rigs, Recyclers dab rigs are for you. Like the mini rigs, the recycling rigs also include percolators that help better filter out harmful toxins and carcinogens. They come in unique designs. These teams can recycle the smoke through two or more chambers. Dab recycling kits are typically 8 ”tall and have attractive designs. However, they can be more expensive than other dab equipment on the market.

Last words

Smoking weed is fun and dab rigs can make it even more enjoyable, especially if you smoke with your friends. So these were some of the best dab rigs that you can consider using if you are new to dab rigs.

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