Sunday, June 26

Ghislaine Maxwell: Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot testifies that Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew flew in the jet of the late mogul convicted of sex trafficking

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Pilot Larry Visoski at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in New York

Image source, Reuters


Larry Visoski, who testified in court in New York, worked for Epstein for more than 25 years

The names of Prince Andrew of England, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and actor Kevin Spacey were again linked to that of the late American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

It happened this Tuesday during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend and trusted friend of the magnate convicted of child sex trafficking, who is accused of being an accomplice of Epstein in the dark plot of exploitation and continued abuse.

The person who associated those names with Epstein’s was his pilot for more than 25 years, Larry Visoski, who testified on the second day of the Maxwell trial and said he took the figures to luxury locations around the world.

High described Maxwell as the “number two” of the plot. “Epstein was the big number one,” he said Tuesday before the New York court where the process is being followed.

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