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Gigi Hadid’s mother accuses her son-in-law Zayn Malik of hitting her and the couple break up | People

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik met at the end of 2015, when she was starting to emerge as one of the great models of the moment and he had left the One Direction tour to leave the band and embark on his successful solo project. Both became one of the most beloved couples of the moment. Now, after six years of relationship and with a 13-month-old daughter in common, they have decided to take different paths and separate, according to sources from the magazine People. The apparent reason for the breakup is that Yolanda, Hadid’s mother, has assured that she has been attacked by her son-in-law after an argument that took place a week ago, and that she is considering filing a complaint, as confirmed by the media specialized in celebrities TMZ.

It has been to this same medium that Zayn Malik himself has addressed hours after the news leaked to the press. The singer contacted immediately to deny the controversial news. “I strongly deny that I hit Yolanda Hadid. For the sake of my daughter, I refuse to give more details and I hope that Yolanda reconsiders her false accusations and we can solve these problems in private ”, she declared. Malik has expressed his concern by reiterating his innocence through from a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“As you all know, I have always tried to keep my life private, and I want to create a safe and private space for my daughter to grow up. A place where private family matters are not thrown onto the world stage for everyone to have a say in. In an effort to protect that space for her, I agreed not to talk about a discussion I had with a relative of my partner, who entered our house while my partner was away ”, the singer confessed, reaffirming the existence of the fight between the mother of Hadid, 57, and him. “This was and still is a private matter, but it seems that for now there is division, despite my efforts to fix it and return to our peaceful life to raise my daughter the way she deserves,” he explained, in an attempt to appease the uproar on social media after the leak by the press.

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Hadid already mentioned the former One Direction member’s relationship with his mother a few months ago in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, and explained that Malik generally sided with his mother in arguments. “At first [con la familia de Hadid] he was like, ‘Can I say something?’ But now he is very comfortable. He says what he thinks. When he’s in the middle of a family affair and everyone asks, ‘Zayn, whose side are you on?’, He’s usually always on my mother’s side. He’s smart in that sense, ”he confessed, denying the existence of internal family problems.

This time, the 26-year-old model has decided not to comment on the issue. This is not the first crisis that the couple has suffered. Hadid and Malik first broke up in 2018, but gave each other a new chance a few months later. They split again in 2019, but then the supermodel got pregnant with Khai. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were quarantined together at the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania and their relationship regained a stability that now seems to be shaking again.

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