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Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan, actress and creator of ‘The Crown’, separate | People

Gillian Anderson, the actress who rose to fame for her portrayal of FBI Agent Dana Scully in File X together with David Duchovny, he had found in his participation in The Crown a role tailored to her that returned her to her best times on television and also love with Peter Morgan, the creator of fiction.

Neither one nor the other have officially confirmed the news, but according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, The couple have ended their relationship since 2016. Anderson, 52, and Morgan, 57, were one of the most glamorous couples in the British entertainment world, but during the time they have been together they have never arrived to share a house. They both have children from previous partners, a very busy schedule and it seems that until now the formula they had found to carry their relationship worked.

The two have worked together for the last season of The Crown, where the actress played British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, known as the Iron Lady, but according to the British newspaper “juggling their respective busy schedules” has been the key reason for the love that united them has been turned into a simple relationship of friendship and complicity.

Peter Morgan, who was nominated for an Oscar for his screenplay for the film The Queen portrayed by Helen Mirren, is a highly praised playwright, screenwriter and producer with works and films such as Frost/Nixon, The audience (on Elizabeth II and her prime ministers), The last king of scotland O Bohemian Rhapsody. In 1997 he married Princess Anna Carolina Schwarzenberg, daughter of a Czech nobleman and politician, and with her he is the father of five children. They separated in 2014 after living in Vienna for a few years, and since then he has lived in London.

For her part, Gillian Anderson, born in Chicago, went from unknown actress to star thanks to the series File X, to the point that the character she played became, according to a 2018 study, a model for a whole generation of women when it came to choosing scientific careers. Adopted British has shone on television and on stage, and to a lesser extent, in film. Her second stint of popularity skyrocketed with another television role, sex therapist Jean Milburn from Sex Education, and then with The Crown. A job he took after debating with his partner whether it was wise to meet every day at the set filming.

Anderson has been married – and divorced – twice. The first, in 1994, was with Clyde Klotz, a production designer who is the father of her 25-year-old daughter Piper. A decade later, he joined former journalist Julian Ozanne, but that didn’t last either. In addition, she has two children, Oscar and Felix, aged 13 and 11, from a later relationship with businessman Mark Griffiths. With Morgan he seemed to have found a balance and was partly attributed to what is known in English as living apart together: share life, but not home. “My partner and I do not live together. If we did, it would be our end. It works very well like this. When we are together we feel it as something very special. And when I am with my children, I can be completely there for them, “he explained in an interview in The Sunday Times Style. “I’m starting to miss the person I want to be with, and it’s a great feeling.” He has also had relationships with women, as he told in 2012 in the magazine Out, but they were “the exception and not the rule.” What she has always denied is that the obvious on-screen chemistry between her and actor David Duchovny carried over into a real-life romance.

As an activist, she has struck almost every stick: from women’s and children’s rights to animal welfare, to neurofibromatosis, the neurological disorder that claimed the life of one of her brothers in 2011. He has joined the debate on salary parity by denouncing that it took him years to get paid the same as David Duchovny, and he has also spoken out against the “atrocious” pressure on women because of their appearance. “I am not necessarily anti-surgery; I am against the shame that is associated, in her own mind, with women who make that decision, rightly or wrongly, “he said in The Telegraph in 2016. He has also co-written a trilogy of science fiction novels titled The Earthend Saga and three years ago, together with a friend, she published a kind of self-help book for women, We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, where she shares advice, reflections and experiences – she has suffered from self-esteem problems or panic attacks.

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