Thursday, May 19

Gio Simeone dazzles with four goals against Mussolini’s great-grandson

  • The 26-year-old Hellas Verona striker knocks out Lazio with the best performance of his career

  • The Roman team summoned Floriani Mussolini, great-grandson of the ‘Duce’, but did not make his debut

With Suárez, Griezmann, Joao Félix and Correa, the Cholo Simeone He has plenty of strikers. But surely at Atlético they would not be disgusted by another Simeone, Giovanni, the saga will continue in the rojiblanco club. Especially after the Hellas Verona forward have put this sunday four goals against Lazio Pepe Reina (4-1), which brings to 56 the goals he has already celebrated in Serie A. Lionel Scaloni’s call for the Argentine team could be close.

He is not a youthful Gio, who to his 26 years play in verona on loan from Cagliari after having gone through Genoa and Fiorentina. The 14 goals of the 17-18 season are his top scorer in Serie A, where he has surpassed ten goals three times. And it seems that this season he will also achieve it, since after the exhibition against Lazio he already adds 6, to two of Cyrus motionless, which remains at the top of the ‘capocannonieri’ table thanks to the goal he did to Hellas. Perhaps it is time to return to the albiceleste, with which he played five friendlies in 2018 (all without Leo Messi) and scored his only goal so far with the absolute.

“Personally it is very exciting, because this morning when I was studying Lazio I dreamed of scoring two or three goals. You have to be focused. It was my turn today and I am happy because I succeeded, “he explained after the game, which he claimed to have started nervous:”I do meditation because it does me good. I am curious and I like to know myself. Today I was very nervous, I started working on this emotion and it was good. “

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Again to Sarri and Reina

And also. A right hand down the squad from almost 20 meters, a header and two shots inside the area (defining well two masterly passes) have been the paths he has found. ‘the cholito’ to sign his gestation at the Bentegodi stadium. The first poker of a career in which he had already signed a hat-trick, against a Naples who, curiously, was then coached by Maurizio Sarri, now a Lazio coach and who had Pepe Reina as goalkeeper. That Fiorentina win was decisive for the southern Italian team to say goodbye to the ‘scudetto’.

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The grandson of the ‘Duce’, on the bench

For the Roman team he did not get to jump onto the pitch Florian Mussolini, great-grandson of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The 18-year-old defender, who claims he does not want to know anything about politics, was called up for the first time with the first team (with a discreet “Floriani M.”), but did not have minutes. The call for the son of Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of the ‘Duce’, came in a week in which Lazio has been involved in the controversy over the fascist salute made by the club’s hawker, the Spanish Juan Bernabé, who was suspended as a result of the scandal.

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