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Giorgia Meloni | The journey that led Giorgia Meloni’s father to prison in Mallorca for drug trafficking

The journey that he undertook Franco Meloni together with their families to transporting the stash of 1,500 kilos of hashish was perfectly “planned”underlines the sentence that condemned the father of the future president of the Italian government and to which Diario de Mallorca, of the Prensa Ibérica group, has had access,.“Meloni plans the trip from Italy, departing from France, rents the boat for a period of one month, prepares and equips it, acts as captain as an expert navigator, chooses the crew, specifies dates, places of stopover or berth, routes and changes of course”, collects the brief of the magistrates. “He plans all the acts of the traffic operation, executes the transfer and transfer together with his three relatives and orders the distribution of the bundles in the different areas of the ship for the good stability of the boat during the voyage,” he adds.

“The trip, with an identical itinerary, was made beforehand to ensure operational success and he sought the liaison and contact point for the transshipment of the drug from another vessel to his own in Moroccan jurisdictional waters, near the coast near Punta Jager-Smidt”, the car continues.

Meloni rented on July 19, 1995 to Bandol Bateau the sailboat ‘Cool Star’, almost 16 meters long. The operation was carried out through the Italian agency Sailor’s Center in Genoa. She checked the boat in France on August 18, always according to the sentence.

The Côte d’Azur

The yacht undertook the trip from the port of Bandol, on the Côte d’Azur, on September 5. It made a stopover in Mahón and later, on September 16, in Almerimar (Almería). His wife and his daughter disembarked here. Two sons of his wife and his son-in-law remained crewing Meloni. They arrived in Gibraltar on the 19th and left for Morocco on the 21st.. They loaded 1,473 kilos of hashish with foreign aid in Moroccan jurisdictional waters. They arrived at the port of Maó on the 24th around 9:30 p.m. “They went out for dinner and drinks and spent the night on the ship. They refueled, bought groceries and exchanged currency, which indicates that they docked to rest and refuel to go to sea the next morning”collects the judicial text.

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Meloni exonerated his relatives of the crime (his wife’s two sons and his son-in-law were also sentenced, in his case to four years in prison) and stated that he lured them to the crossing with the excuse of going on a pleasure trip.

According to the magistrates’ brief, the drug seized had a market value of 4,420 million pesetas.

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