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Giovanni Medina and Alan Tacher: Fierce fight in ‘Despierta América’

Reproaches, claims, aggression and more this morning between Alan tacher Y Giovanni Medina in ‘Wake up America’. Why? For an interview with Ninel Conde Who won the fight? Here we tell you.

This seemed to be a new and sad episode in Ninel and Giovanni’s fight for the custody of their son, Emmanuel, whom the singer and actress has not seen for almost a year, due to a judicial decision in the family court of Mexico. However, others ended up being the protagonists of this fight.

It all started when Ninel Conde visited ‘Despierta América’ this past Thursday. Just like you did a few weeks ago Alejandra Guzman, the singer and actress shared different segments with the presenters and, in one of the favorites: ‘Te Acuerdas De … ”, where they usually pay tribute to the guest in a tour of key moments in his life, the controversy in question occurred.

Interviewed by Karla Martinez and Alan Tacher, they remembered the birth of Emmanuel, and that gave way to talking about the time they have not seen him. Ninel preferred to be concise, and only say that she was leaving it in the hands of God, who would one day make her see the ‘what for?’ of this situation.

There Alan asked her about her current husband, Larry Ramos, who is involved in lawsuits for fraud, fraud and even his ex accuses him of not giving support to his son, among other things.

The question from Alan was in an unclear way as he got involved in it saying: “There are also people who are fans of yours who love you, admire you, when you hear from your husband, Larry, demand, million dollars, jail, your possible complicity, what do you say to them? I am worried as a friend… ”.

Ninel turned the answer and said that she had enough with her problems to take care of those of others (her husband), that God will take care of showing the truth.

Ninel’s visit, and especially this episode unleashed the anger of Giovanni Medina, who resorted to ‘Chisme No Like’, the Youtube show of Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain to criticize the interview, that they did not ask their ex more incisively, and even dared to call ‘coward’ to Tacher, and accused ‘Despierta América’ of being a ‘palero’ program, accusations, especially the latter very delicate.

This morning, ‘Despierta América’ gave the right to reply to Giovanni Medina, who faced a very nervous Alan Tacher, at times unclear and even losing his temper and his communicator figure, something that gave way to the former de Ninel to take the lead and make him look bad.

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“I want to thank the space, I do this interview out of respect for the people who watch this program who have the right to the truth, out of respect for the victims of Mr. Larry Ramos who were stripped of their heritage …”Thus began Medina before being cut off by Alan to tell him that that was not the issue.

Giovanni, as on several occasions during the interview, when asked why his obsession with Larry Ramos, and why he did not let Ninel see his children, explained that, being married, he did not want, as a father, that the child live with someone who, according to him and the cases that are currently in court, has that supposedly bad reputation and may therefore be a bad influence on the minor.

Alan asked him to go to ‘Gossip No Like’ to talk about him and the show, knowing that he has an open letter to do so on his show and that even in the past he had stood them up … The first thing he demanded is that he use the term ‘drainer’.

Without answering the question, Giovanni preferred assuring that Alan did not know anything about his life and that although he said he was a friend of the singer and actress, he never saw him at home in the 7 years that he lived with her.

“The only question I asked you a year ago and to this day you haven’t answered me is why Ninel Conde can’t see her son”, the disappeared Alan Tacher.

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With a state of calm and at the same time aggressive, Giovanni expanded on the evidence and reasons why he asked for custody of his son, and why 8 authorities gave it to him. He assured that Ninel’s husband has a restraining order not to approach his child, so that he can less live with the little one.

The interview lasted more than 20 minutes, and it took three blocks of the show. In the second, Alan asked him to explain why he called him a coward. Something that sparked an attack between them, until Giovanni told him that he called him that for not asking Ninel about Larry’s cases.

Alan told him that he was more of a coward who insults women and who threatens. There he surprised him by showing a threat that Giovanni made to Raúl González in a direct message on Instagram.

In the message, Medina called a coward and threatened to sue him for allegedly talking about him, when in fact González had only commented on a piece that spoke of Ninel Conde.

Giovanni did not escape the answer, he said that he had written it, and considered that it was not a threat. Thus ended the second part of this fight where, Conde’s ex seemed to have an argument for each question and Alan run out of them.

The third part of the interview was even more heated and, it seemed to continue to have the helm of the same Giovanni, because we do not know if by the nerves, the anger or feeling that he was facing what he considers an injustice, Tacher made several mistakes such as claiming him a block before Medina called him ‘friend’ when they weren’t, and minutes later Alan himself called him ‘friend’. Then confuse impartial with partial and finally tell Emiliano to the boy who is called Emmanuel.

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All these errors gave way to Medina to mark them, make it evident and also claim that why he did not question her like this, like him, Ninel the day before, and even invited him to give him an interview level to people.

“I always ask you what you want and you don’t answer, as a good politician you must be”Alan told him.

Once again Tacher asked him why he doesn’t let Ninel see his son. To which, in addition to ensuring that the little boy now has a healthy and good image that he did not have before, he reiterated that he does not want Emmanuel to live with “a dangerous criminal” as he described Ramos.

Alan reloaded inks of why he does not let Ninel have her life, that she does not interfere. To which Medina described the question as ‘rancid’, and assured that he does not care about Conde as long as he does not mess with his son. And he ended up accusing that he talks about this, because they are not looking for him to talk about his alleged help to people, nor does the program bother to search for the alleged victims of Larry Ramos.

How did the interview end? Tacher told Medina that he did not believe he cared about people, and the businessman thanked him for the space and for interviewing him.

Who won the fight? The show that had the viewers entertained in front of this fight, or on social networks giving their opinion. And the protagonists? Who won? … It is possible that now it is Tacher who should have his right to reply to clarify why he lost his temper so much while being an interviewer.

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