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Girl commits suicide because her family beat her because they wanted her to be a boy

The little girl of only 13 years old That took away the lifetime within a refuge specialized for women, girls, children victims of violence in Mexico City, she was mistreated by her family well they wanted me to be a boy.

This was assured by the neighbor who rescued her who, in an interview with Mexican media, said that once she asked why the had shaven, the minor replied that it had been because her uncles wanted me to be a boy.

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Given this, the neighbor faced one of the uncles who replied that they had shaven because she had lice, but the woman confronted her and told her what the little girl had told her the truth, she also demanded that they have her dressed as a child and the blows that she presented.

The worst thing is that despite the mistreatment he received from his family and for which he ended up in the hostel, after he committed suicide body of the minor was given to those who they mistreated.

As we inform you, the little girl, identified as Citlali or Roberta “N” the their parents abandoned and was rescued by the authorities because she was beaten by her Grandma and her uncles, so since September 2020 the minor received comprehensive, care, multidisciplinary care, treatment psychiatric Y psychological in one of the shelters of the Attorney General’s Office of the City of Mexico.

They treated her psychologically because she had an anxiety and stress crisis post-traumatic, according to the Mexican authorities, who also detailed that in December of last year she was treated at a hospital where they prescribed treatment pharmacological.

According to the social worker, who was on duty the day the minor committed suicide, the girl had dinner and retired to her bedroom, without their caregiver noticing any particular situation, but when making a walk in the bedroom realized that the little girl was not in her bed and upon entering he found her in the shower of the unconscious bathroom, and although she asked for help to take care of her, the minor had already died.

In case of suicidal behavior, seek help:

Call 1.888.NYCWELL (1.888.692.9355).

Text “WELL” to 65173.

Review information at https://nycwell.cityofnewyork.us/es/

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