Thursday, June 17

Girona beats Almería and crashes on their way to Primera

  • Francisco’s team struck with a brilliant victory against Almería (3-0) in the first leg of the play-off semifinal that had 1,500 fans in Montilivi.

For the first time in 15 months there was an audience in Montilivi. The night of the return of the fans to the stadium could not have been more fortunate. The 1,500 spectators who came to the departure of the promotion play-off semifinal enjoyed an excellent game of Girona, who is walking steadily towards Primera (3-0). On Saturday it will be time to confirm the pass to the final in Almeria, but the premiere could not be better.

There are few matches more exciting in the season that the qualifying rounds for promotion to First. The award is so important, both at the level economic like prestige, that the players leave their lives. They are duels of fantastic intensity and deployment.

Like an airplane

Girona and Almería know it well. Have become classic protagonists of these battles. This is their third meeting in a promotion play-offs. In 2013 they met in the final and the Andalusian team rose. Last year they repeated shock in the same circumstances as now. The Catalans prevailed in both parties but ended up succumbing in a dramatic final against Elche that still hurts ..

Hours before the game, the decision of the CSD was known, which allowed an audience in the stands. The good news followed with a spectacular staging of a Girona that has arrived like an airplane to the end of the season. After adding seven wins and a draw in their previous eight games, the team of Francisco gave one more turn of the screw.

Two goals in five minutes

Rayo and Leganés will play the first leg of the other semifinal this Thursday in Vallecas

After five minutes he was already dominating 2-0 to Almería from Ruby, the former Espanyol technician who also passed through the Montilivi bench. A header from Barcenas in a foul thrown by Gumbau (m. 2) and a shot at the pleasure of Yan couto after a pass from Sylla (m. 5) they left everything in favor of the locals.

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Not even confirmation of the stuani low it affected the Catalan team, who never dropped their attention. Almería gave signs of life with a sadiq occasion canceled by a questionable offside. The Nigerian battering ram did not disturb again and Sylla certified the third (d. 65), a rexhilarated fantastic for the return. The Rayo and Leganés They will play tonight in Vallecas the first leg of the other semifinal.

Girona, 3; Almeria, 0

Girona: Juan Carlos; Well, Juanpe, Arnau; Yan Couto, Cristoforo, Monchu, Gumbau, Franquesa; Sylla, Bárcenas. Technician: Francisco. Changes: Kebe for Gumbau (d. 64); Busts by Bárcenas (d. 79); Terrats by Cristoforo (d. 79); Aday by Franquesa (d. 79); Pablo Moreno by Sylla (d. 88).

Almeria: Makaridze; Balliu, Maras, Chumi, Akieme; De la Hoz, Morlanes, Ramazani, Carvalho, Lazo; Sadiq. Technician: Rubi. Changes: Samu for Maras (c. 46); Aketxe de Carvalho (d. 46); Corpas por Lazo (d. 64); Villar by Ramazani (c. 74).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 2), Bárcenas heads a free-kick launched by Gumbau; 2-0 (m. 5), Yan Couto pushes a pass from Sylla into the net; 3-0 (m. 65), Sylla, with the left.

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