Tuesday, September 21

Girona earns the right to dream

  • A goal from Bárcenas puts Francisco’s men fully into the fight for the ‘play-offs’ despite traveling with seven casualties to Oviedo

A great goal from Yoel Bárcenas at game time after receiving a good assist from Franquesa he has successfully resolved the Girona’s visit to Oviedo and triggers, even more, the right to dream of the team of Francisco. It is no longer because of the three points, which leave Girona only one of the ‘play-offs’ waiting for Rayo-Albacete this Monday (it will be two if the Madrid citizens win, and Sporting will become sixth), but because of how: with seven casualties and a call-up of just 17 men, the team knew how to get out of the stake without excessive suffering. With six games to go to finish the regular league, playing the promotion is a very real possibility. And seeing the benefits that the team offers, dreaming is free. Who would have thought it a few weeks ago.

Girona had the game under control in the first half, although it must also be said that they did not have a single chance to disturb Oviedo’s goal. The game was slow, without rhythm, with very long possessions and few sparks of quality. The most remarkable thing, which allows to get an idea of ​​what was seen on the grass, was the change in the local team of Blanco by Borja Sánchez shortly after half an hour because the Argentine forward was sore from a blow to the neck that had led at the start of the match.

The Asturians, with the entry of the extreme, were better and although they did not have any approach of real danger, they locked up the Catalans for the last ten minutes. Edgar, with a header, was the one who came closest to moving the marker.

The occasions arrive

Girona’s first shot on goal came in the 60th minute, shortly after Stuani will relieve Nahuel Bustos. The ball ended up in a corner, and at the exit of the corner kick, Monchu He had the second visiting chance. Bárcenas did not forgive in the third. Good move from Franquesa on the left wing, which connects with the Panamanian inside the area and he, alone, knows how to cut the defense and invent a goal to overtake his team. Girona had the game where they dreamed of just under half an hour ahead.

The duel opened. The Oviedo had three quite clear occasions in actions of Rodri that the Girona defense did not know how to control, but Girona could also sentence with the second in one against Stuani and Monchu that Franquesa sent to the clouds. The uncertainty of the scoreboard put excitement in the last minutes, although Oviedo could not find a way to disturb Juan Carlos’ area. Victory flies towards Girona. And Girona flies towards the ‘play-off’.

Data sheet

Oviedo: Femenías, Johanesson (Borja Valle, min. 68), Grippo, Arribas, Lucas Ahijado, Sangalli, González, Tejera, Leiva, Blanco (Borja Sánchez, min. 32) and Obeng (Rodri, min. 68);

Girona: Juan Carlos, Couto, Juanpe, Arnau Martínez, Luna, Monchu, Ramon Azoteas (Kebe, min. 68), Cristóforo, Franquesa, Bárcenas (Valery, min. 82) and Bustos (Stuani, min. 58);

Goal: 0-1, min. 63, Yoel Bárcenas.

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Referee: Sagués Oscoz. He admonished the locals Borja, Sangalli, Rodri and Nahuel.

Stadium: New Carlos Tartiere.


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