Sunday, October 17

Girona goes round in Segovia

Girona fulfilled the record in Segovia without much suffering and surpassed the first round of the Copa del Rey. The first two goals of Nahuel Bustos served to certify victory and avoid any fright against the Gimnástica Segoviana, Third Division. The match was broken at the end of the first half when Girona scored in their first clear approach (m.38) and, immediately afterwards, the local Arribas was sent off for a hard tackle to Kebe (m.42). The Segoviana that had started out intense and had had some dangerous arrival collapsed. With one more man, those of Francisco they knew how to manage the resumption well and, again, Bustos sentenced.

It was important not to concede an early goal that would put the team in tow too early. As expected, the Segoviana came out like a rocket to try to catch the Girona clueless. Locals tried it but always found good responses from Muric or his shots were not hit between the three suits.

Vaseline target

Girona had a hard time getting into the game. Some isolated spark of Pau Victor or Pablo Moreno it was the little baggage in attack of those of Francisco. However, a deflected shot from Skull at the exit of a corner, Girona woke up, which in the first clear arrival did not forgive. Busts, received, only, an assist from the left of Candidate and he solved the goalkeeper very well with a Vaseline to place the 0-1 score. The game was even more faced for the Girona people when, after two minutes, Dani Arribas saw a direct red for a hard tackle to Ibra Kebe. The final uproar benefited Girona, who saw the first half die with protests from local players.

The restart began with a free-kick from Aday who saved Christian in two times. Girona was relatively calm and was not looking for the second with insistence. However, it could not be trusted. About was From the castle of the equalizer with a shot from outside the area that Muric neutralized well. With the locals taking many risks, Bustos had the sentence with a shot that stopped the goalkeeper with his face (m.71). The Argentine did not forgive later, when he sent a Arnau to the bottom of the net. With the locals turned upside down looking for a goal, the Girona team could face the advantage.

Gymnastic Segoviana: Christian, Marcos, Manu (m.81, Rui), Adeva (m.60, Gómez), Conde (m.60, Calleja), Chupo, Del Castillo, Arribas, Adrián (m.76, Ivi), Viti i Borrego (d. 60, Borao).

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Girona: Murici, Calavera, Franquesa (m.60, Arnau), Ramalho, Bueno, Kebe (m.72, Bárcenas), Azoteas, Aday (m.72, Gonpi), Bustos, Pablo Moreno (m.77, Couto) and Paz Victor (d. 60, Cristoforo).

Goals: 0-1, c. 38, Busts; 0-2, c. 77, Busts.

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