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Girona is loaded to a First in the Cup

  • A goal from Juncà does justice, since Míchel’s block could have thrashed Osasuna

Girona will be in the hype for the draw for the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey this Friday. Míchel’s team is growing at cruising speed and it is even allowed to play face to face, win and eliminate a First like Osasuna. This Thursday in Montilivi the difference in category has not been seen anywhere and, in fact, Girona could beat the Navarrese especially if Nahuel Bustos He would not have missed all the occasions he has had. In the end, Juncà’s early goal was worth it (1-0)

That Girona has gone out to look for the goal, the victory and the classification from the opening whistle, as evidenced by the two corners that had already forced the team before the fifth minute, or the 1-0 of Juncà, full, in the sixth. The locals have taken advantage of a defensive imbalance in Osasuna and the ball from Okay in space, the Riumors side has taken advantage of it after making a magnificent control, entering the area and shooting Juan Perez with the left.

The score in favor has further boosted Míchel’s men, who did not concede anything in defense (little has been seen to Chimy Avila), and that they knew how to get out of the advanced pressure attempt proposed by the Navarrese team with solvency. After half an hour, Bustos was able to make it 2-0 but the action, which ended in a goal, had already been previously invalidated for offside.

In this round of the Cup there is still no VAR. And the video refereeing could have also changed the sign of another controversial play before the break: Kebe, one of the best, has gone as he wanted through the baseline after a pass from Juncà and has received a ticket from Oier that the referee has not understood as a penalty. Before the break Osasuna has taken a step forward and in the first appearance of Chimy Ávila, between Juan Carlos and the stick have aborted the tie. The chance for the Navarrese was very clear, in a good counter generated after a lateral foul in favor of Girona in the other goal.

Busts, maddening

A brilliant move by Baena, filtering the ball to reach Bustos, only in the area, was Girona’s first warning in the second half. But the Argentine has done the most difficult thing: get involved. Immediately afterwards, a free kick served by Baena was headed by Santi Bueno on goal but the action was invalidated for offside.

There has been no truce at the beginning of the second half: towers he sent off a dangerous free kick in the 54th minute very close to the top of the area. And Bustos has once again made the fans desperate by missing a very clear goal, but very clear, he only had to push the ball, after a pass from Baena down the right wing, arriving in minute 60. Girona has entered Samu and Aleix, for the desperate Bustos and Pol Lozano.

And he has continued looking for the sentence, because although by game there was no color, the score was short and the result, uncertain. Osasuna has reached the last ten minutes taking a step forward, coinciding with the entry of Budimir and Nacho Vidal. Girona, on the other hand, I did not reach the rival area so easily. Juan Carlos has put a saving hand to send a Budimir shot to corner. It was about resisting. And it has been achieved. On the weekend of January 15-16, in the round of eighths, another Primera will come to Montilivi.

Girona: Juan Carlos; Santi Bueno, Juanpe (Bernardo, min. 46), Biel Farrés, Calavera, Juncà (Jairo, min. 72), Kebé, Pol Lozano (Aleix Garcia, min. 65), Artero, Borja García (Baena, min. 46) and Nahuel Bustos (Samu Sáiz, min. 65).

Osasuna: Juan Pérez; Ramalho, Unai García, Juan Cruz, Manu Sánchez; Jaume Grau (Moncayola, min. 66), Oier (Kike García, min. 66), Javi Martínez (Nacho Vidal, min. 76), Roberto Torres (Budimir, min. 76), Kike Barja (Rubén García, min. 66 ) and Chimy Ávila.

Goal: 1-0, min. 6, Juncà;

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Referee: Alberola Rojas (Committee of Castilla-La Mancha); He has admonished the visitors Unai García and Moncayola.

Stadium: Montilivi (3,649 spectators).

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