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Girona returns to stamped with the doors of First

  • Rayo Vallecano assaults Montilivi (0-2) with an early goal and another at the edge of the break and achieves promotion despite playing with 10 more than half an hour

  • The VAR did not consider a penalty to grab Bueno or Saveljich’s hands in the area

The Girona dream has become again nightmare. The Catalan team has seen again frustrated his promotion to First at the last moment. The Vallecano Ray has assaulted this Sunday Montilivi (0-2) and has snatched the team of Francisco a place in First that he seemed to have in his hand. A real blow. Other. Y arbitration controversy, with two possible unmarked penalties against the Lightning.

“In 10 months we have played two finals and we have lost both. It is not that I have a thorn in it, I have a sword. It is very cruel for the people of the club”

Francisco Rodríguez, Girona coach

The advantage obtained in Vallecas (1-2) was not enough to seal the promotion. It was worth winning, it was worth drawing, even losing 0-1 returned Girona to Primera, the category in which it debuted brilliantly in 2017 and from which it said goodbye in 2019. But the early goal by Álvaro García revived old ghosts in Montilivi.

A very long pass to the back of the local centrals looking for the speed of the forward, a lucky control and a vaseline masterfully executed on a misplaced Juan Carlos they left the 1,500 attendees to Montilivi, who hoped to live a party that was held in Vallecas.

The 0-1 still gave the promotion to Girona, but the seed of fear was sown, even more so when the same formula (Álvaro surprising by speed behind the defense) was repeated over and over again and the 0-2 planned about Girona.

The rojiblancos took a long time to gain control of the game, but when they did it did not give them to disturb Luca zidane. On the contrary, the problems were in the local area, especially with a feint from Monchu’s hands that made the stands tremble.

KO before the break

In a final arreón before the break, Girona finally caught a glimpse of the goal, in a shot from point-blank range by Arnau that got stuck between the grass and Luca’s buttocks. Zidane’s ass saved Rayo, who on the next play, already added, scored the 0-2. Trejo stole in the center of the field, opened for Álvaro and he again gave back from the baseline for the Argentine to score after an unfortunate touch of Franquesa, all crossing in an incredible way a forest of legs.

So Girona went to the locker room knocked out, once again known as the Second team, defeated at home in the decisive match, after not having lost at Montilivi in ​​the entire second round. It took at least one goal to force extra time.

VAR does not help

Having everything lost helped at least make decisions. Francisco put Ramon Terrats and Samu Sáiz into the resumption, who provided a spark and a desire to rebel that after the 0-2 was very necessary. The expulsion of Velázquez for a double warning after a foul on Terrats gave Girona the definitive push to appear frequently in the rival area, although the attempts of Sylla and Stuani, who entered in 66, did not enjoy the necessary clarity.

The Lightning, in inferiority, was locked behind, with the clock as an ally and wasting all the time it could and more. The WHERE, who did not want to see a penalty in a very clearly grabbed Good nor in some Saveljich handsIt did not help Girona either. The end of the match turned into a siege.

The goal never came, and once again it was confirmed that whoever sneaks into the play-off at the last minute, has a lot to win. The Girona has played this ‘play-off’ five times in the last eight seasons, has reached the final four times, but the system chokes him. Almería, Osasuna and Elche have already frustrated the dream of the rojiblanco club, whose only promotion came in 2017 by direct means, after finishing second in the League.

“You may not be able to go back and start over, but you can always start now and write a new ending,” he wrote on social media. Marcelo Claure, the Bolivian businessman who owns an important shareholding package of Girona. More earthly it was Francisco: “We had the illusion of offering this moment to the fans for the year that we have been, but this club will try again, I’m convinced that next year can be achieved even by uploading direct“, encouraged the coach, without wanting to talk about his continuity, and after acknowledging his bitterness. “In 10 months we have played two finals and we have lost both. In the last three months we have lost a fucking game. It’s not that I have a thorn in, I have a sword.”

Data sheet

GIRONA: Juan Carlos; Well, Juanpe, Arnau Martínez; Yan Couto, Gumbau, Cristoforo, Monchu, Franquesa; Yoel Bárcenas, Sylla. Technician: Francisco Rodríguez. Changes: Ramón Terrats for Gumbau (d. 46); Samu Sáiz for Cristoforo (d. 46); Stuani by Arnau (d. 60); Aday by Couto (d. 77); Luna by Franquesa (d. 77).

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VALLECANO RAY: Luca Zidane; Mario Hernández, Emiliano, Catena, Fran García; Isi, Comesaña, Óscar Valentín, Álvaro García; Andrés, Trejo. Technician: Andoni Iraola. Changes: Saveljich for Andrés (d. 58); Advíncula by Mario Hernández (d. 77); Yacine Qasmi by Trejo (d. 77); Martos by Óscar Valentín (d. 84); Mario Suárez by Álvaro García (d. 85).

GOALS: 0-1 (m. 7), Álvaro García; 0-2 (m. 45), Trejo.

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