Friday, February 23

Glenda Cleveland, who alerted police on Dahmer, died in 2011: Obituary

Glenda Cleveland, whose role in the Jeffrey Dahmer saga was given new attention in the Netflix 10-part miniseries “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” stayed in her apartment on 25th Street until 2009, then moved just a couple blocks away before dying in 2011. She did not live in the same building as Dahmer, as the miniseries portrays, but lived in an adjacent building. This obituary was written by Jim Stingl in 2011.

Glenda Cleveland was Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighborand serial killer could have been stopped two months earlier if police had only listened to her.

God knows she tried. “Are you sure?” she kept asking police on the phone when they insisted that a dazed and naked boy trying to escape from Dahmer was actually an adult involved in a lovers’ spat with him.

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