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Glenn Close: “I don’t think much about flattery, it would be unbearable”

Glenn Close, at a previous edition of the Oscars

Glenn Close, at a previous edition of the Oscars

Glenn Close may have been the protagonist of the last Oscar but the actress does not go out of her way for a compliment: “I like to surround myself with creative people and make a film., but when I don’t work I don’t pay attention to that, “he says in an interview with Efe.

From his home in Montana, away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, he continues to receive praise for his dance to the beat of ‘Da Butt’ after losing for the eighth time at the awards a week ago. For many, it was the best moment of the gala. For others, a lesson in knowing how to be signed by a “national treasure.” “I feel blessed, I don’t know. I don’t go around thinking about it too much, it would be unbearable. I live near my sister Jessie in a small town in Montana and I don’t think about it,” says Close, 74, during a video call.

A couple of years ago that the actress, who defines herself as introverted by nature, left Los Angeles and New York to live in a small house in a rural state away from the spotlight. Therefore, it takes weight off the paraphernalia that surrounds the entertainment industry. “I like working, I like being with a group of creative people and trying to make a movie from a good script, but if I’m not working I don’t think about it much.”

‘Four good days’, a drama about drug addiction

Just two weeks after her participation in the Oscars for ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, the American is already in full promotion of her new film: ‘Four Good Days’, a drama directed by Colombian Rodrigo García that opens this Friday.

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The film, based on real events, tells the story of Molly, a heroin addict (played by Mila Kunis) who must stay sober for four days to access detoxification and for this he turns to his mother (Glenn Close). Deb, the mother, is a strict woman who must find a balance between helping the person she loves most in the world and marking the distance to prevent a relapse from breaking the family again.

When you have such good material it is very inspiring -states Close-. In this case I wanted to know how a mother could close the door of her house to her daughter “.

In their presentation at the Sundance festival last year, critics highlighted the chemistry between Close and Cunis, responsible for portraying a tense relationship between unconditional love and mistrust reminiscent of films like ‘Beautiful Boy’ or ‘Ben is Back’ . “To act is to have complicity, look into the eyes of another person, reflect on another person. Mila is a perfect companion, she is ready for anything, she is very open and convincing “, highlights Close.

Kunis, on the other hand, is not short on praise for Close, either. “I already knew that I was going to love Glenn, I love that she loves me,” he explains a while later in the same video call.

Remembering all the messages of support that her partner has received since the Oscars gala, Kunis finds an explanation for the wave of affection “She is a legend for a reason, she is the best actress I have worked with, because she is simply her It is not static, it always moves “, he affirms. And even if the awards mean nothing, remember that this ‘legend’ has won three Emmys (television), three Tony (theater) and three Golden Globes. Whether this role or the next ones will give him a new try for the Oscar is something that does not worry him even to talk about it.

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Back to theaters

Close prefers to encourage audiences to return to theaters after a difficult year due to the pandemic: “It is important to have a community spirit and experience something at the same time. There’s nothing better. “A message Kunis joins in:” We need human interaction, share a moment. ”

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