Tuesday, May 24

“Global Britain”: the nuclear arsenal and other keys to the UK’s new international influence project after Brexit

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The United Kingdom has decided to increase its nuclear arsenal, raising the top of the Trident program’s warheads by more than 40%, which will go from a maximum of the current 180 to 260.

A turn that few could expect: the new chapter that the United Kingdom opens after its exit from the European Union (EU) will include an increase in its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Boris Johnson’s government announced Tuesday that it was ending 30 years of nuclear reduction policy pushed since the end of the Cold War.

The British executive decided to increase its arsenal, raising in more than 40% the top of warheads of the Trident program, which will go from a maximum of the current 180 to 260.

The measure appears in the document “Global Britain” an “Integrated Strategy for Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy”, a roadmap to guide the course that the United Kingdom intends to occupy in the world in this new stage until the year 2030.


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