Tuesday, January 18

Goalless draw on Acuña’s return

Appin takes a ball out of Falcón's area after a corner kick by Villarreal B.

Appin takes a ball out of Falcón’s area after a corner kick by Villarreal B.
Alex Dominguez

Strange feeling, cold as the morning, without adding the fourth victory in a row at home, but with the good news of Javier Acuña’s return to the pitch. Pedro Sánchez, who entered the call, did not even come out to warm up. Hercules and Villarreal B have been faithful to their ideology, they have not left room for shock, improvisation, they have relied on their antagonistic proposals to add the three points, but both have fallen short.

Neither Cubillo’s tactical conservatism nor Miguel Álvarez’s combinative fluency have found a prize … although both have had occasions to achieve it, especially in the first half. The Alicante team has had in the initial 45 minutes of four attack actions which only lacked success in the definition. Buenacasa, after five minutes, was unable to push a ball served from the right by Alfaro, who had the most meridian to overtake Hercules 25 minutes later. The winger took advantage of the failure of MAxi Villa to start a counter that has left him hand in hand in front of Marc Vicente. He has had so much time to think, and has thought so many things, that he himself closed the gap and ruined his superiority with a shot that was well saved by the yellow goalkeeper.

The third opportunity was signed by Tano, who finished off a side free kick very well taken by Moyita, but his header crashed into the post when the ghosts in the stands were already singing the goal. In front, Villarreal also enjoyed occasions, with a face to face between the scorer Millán and Falcón that the blue and white captain has resolved in a masterful way, holding the pulse, without losing the face of the forward, anticipating him.

After the restart, the passing of the minutes has put an end to six weeks of waiting. At the time of the game, Toro Acuña has entered the place of a hard-working Buenacasa, elegant, scathing in his movements, generous with movements and races, but without the most important thing for a job like his: the goal. At sixty seconds, the Paraguayan had already been able to draw an uncheck attacking the free space. His cross shot has narrowly gone. They have made him lack, after another diagonal, which has allowed Borja to have the last one. The foul thrown by the Alicante went straight to the crossbar, the second wood of the morning.

Before, Villarreal had another opportunity to open the marking with a brilliant maneuver by Millán, who dodged Tano with a tunnel and fired an acid shot that Falcón managed to deflect. The subsidiary of the submarine supported its football in possession, exploited all its offensive weapons, exhausted the changes and was able to obtain the same revenue as the Hercules with its containment, its waiting behind, its lack of circulation and the omnipresence of Appin. Only Moyita, with her determination, tried to risk within an order that does not encompass everything. The tie leaves Alicante as they were, seconds, seven points behind the leader, who has left his first two points in Los Arcos after drawing with Orihulea (0-0), which remains third. The Cubillo team closes 2020 in Buñol, on Sunday, at 12, against Atlético Levante, which yesterday conceded a 5-0 against Mestalla.


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