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Going back to school is complicated by staff sick leave

The Ministry of Education unknown how many teachers are affected by covid and is speeding up the process of substitutions, in case the schools meet next Monday with a large number of teachers on leave, which according to the unions could “force to close classrooms”.

According to CCOO, “a number of teachers and educational personnel are expected to leave as never before, and the Ministry has not provided for any extraordinary measure. They leave the directors of the centers alone with the responsibility of making decisions that do not correspond to them “, assures their Secretary of Education Isabel Galvín.

After more than “a million infections throughout Spain, without counting the impact of Reyes and without this wave having reached its peak, they have not even called an extraordinary meeting that we have been asking for for a long time. They have not reinforced templates or health measures, nor the third dose to the staff “, adds Galvín for whom” the closure of classrooms and centers is more than predictable. ”

From the counseling they explain that, given the precedent of other countries with high incidence of teachers with omicronThey are “speeding up the administrative procedure to cover the casualties. Until Monday the 10th, the centers are closed and the teachers are on vacation, “but the management teams” will announce the dropouts early so that calls can be made that same day, “they explain.

According to a circular from the Ministry, the first calls to cover casualties are scheduled at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, through the ARES program, with Joining the square the next day or on Wednesday the 12th.

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But this forecast for immediate coverage is “too optimistic”According to the unions, because when “an intern who lives in Móstoles receives the call to replace a few days in Miraflores, it is most likely that he will not be compensated,” sources consulted by Efe coincide.

Directors of colleges and institutes can be seen “Without enough teachers and even having to close classrooms, at least on Monday and Tuesday due to lack of educational personnel, and even more days ”, warn several unions, while CCOO describes this situation as“ irresponsible ”and accuses the council of“ abandoning the directors ”.

At the beginning of the Christmas holidays on December 21, there were 1,535 infected teachers, according to official figures, but after the expansion of the omicron, there may be many more.

“Right now educational personnel are confined to their homes and there is no way to notify the centers of the withdrawalMaybe on the 9th in the afternoon. If there are too many people missing, they would have to close some or many centers ”, according to the CSIF secretary, Miguel Ángel González.

Interns needed

For the unions of the Sectorial Board of Education – CCOO, ANPE, CSIF and UGT- the solution is to reinforce the workforce and rehire “at least 7,000 interns” that were left out last year.

In total, according to the UGT, the Ministry hired about 10,000 covid reinforcements in the first year of the pandemic, of which 3,000 have stayed this course, mostly pedagogical counselors and language therapists, but about 7,000 teachers were dispensed with, explains his secretary Teresa Jusdado.

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The hiring of interns would allow a “general decrease in the ratios that should not exceed 20 students per classroom, and make groups split”, emphasize the unions that They also demand “massive screening” of teachers and students, and administer “the third dose of the vaccine To all staff”, considering that a third party does not yet have it.

In a letter sent this week to counselor Enrique Ossorio, CCOO also asks “Reinforce cleaning and disinfection”, in addition to financially providing the centers so that “it is possible that the masks are available to students, teachers and educational staff.”

In addition, CCOO has sent another letter to the Directorate of educational area (DAT) of the North requesting “an urgent telematic meeting” to address the return to classrooms, to which he has not had a reply either.

“They leave the management teams alone when classrooms or centers are closed. It is inadmissible “Galvín concludes.

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