Saturday, October 16

Goldman Sachs employees ask to work a maximum of 80 hours per week

The pandemic has worsened control of hours worked.

Defendants junior positions in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs do not seem to be as appetizing after a internal survey on “inhumane” conditions in which they work.

In an internal document published on the internet, a group of employees asked to stop working 120 hours a week to go to only 80 hours, double the amount stipulated by law, unable to keep up with that pace of work.

An internal survey in which some thirteen junior-level bankers of the entity participated, indicates that the average hours they work is 105 hours per week and that on average those employees sleep only 5 hours.

“There were times when I didn’t eat, take a shower or do something other than work”

The conclusions have been leaked on social networks and denounce days of up to 20 hours a day and “inhumane” conditions.

“It is not suitable for me to work 110-120 hours over the course of a week. The math is simple – that only leaves you four hours to sleep, eat, or shower. That goes beyond hard work, that is inhumane, “says one of the analysts quoted in the report.

“There were times when I did not eat, shower or do anything other than work from morning to midnight,” says another of the testimonies included in the 11 pages of the report.

Other bankers they complain about the treatment and stress to which the most veteran officials subject them, as well as the lack of sleep and the mental and physical damage that these working conditions entail.

The mental health of the employees in the survey went from 8.8 to 2.3 in the time they have spent working for the bank, which has already been criticized for its working conditions and business culture after the suicide of an analyst from 22 years.

Analysts consider that the pandemic has worsened the control of the hours worked and they ask not to work after 9 at night on Friday or over the weekend without explicit approval for the additional time.

Against this background, employees, who receive one of the best salaries in the United States, request to reduce their work week to 80 hours.

A representative of Goldman Sachs assured that they will launch measures to reduce workload, which are due, in his opinion, to the success and high level of business of the entity.

Goldman Sachs employees have not received well the information at the beginning of the week that indicates that the CEO of the entity, David Solomon, has been leading a life of luxury and telecommuting from the Bahamas or traveling in the entity’s private plane, while other employees work tirelessly from home due to the pandemic.

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