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González asks to meet with the Ministries of Culture and Transport to address the completion of the South Beltway and the transfer of the Lady

The sculpture of La Dama de Elche in the Archaeological Museum, stock image

The sculpture of La Dama de Elche in the Archaeological Museum, stock image

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, after the change that occurred yesterday in the Government of Spain, has shown that he trusts the new executive does not affect the negotiations that were underway regarding the completion of South Ring Road and the temporary return of the Lady to Elche. “We trust that we will find in Raquel Sánchez and in Miquel Iceta the same dialogue and cooperative attitude,” he stressed through a statement.

“We will immediately request a meeting with the new Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, and with the new head of the Ministry of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, to resume and advance on two issues that were very mature and that are fundamental for Elche, such as the temporary transfer of the Lady to Elche and the execution of the last section of the South Beltway ”, declared Carlos González.

The councilor recalled that he already had the commitment of the outgoing Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, to make possible the temporary transfer of the Lady of Elche in 2022.

It should be remembered that last June González met with the outgoing minister in a meeting in which it was agreed that the Ministry of Culture would be integrated into the commission signed by the City Council and the Generalitat, in order to advance in the concretion of the necessary measures to favor the transfer of the piece.

Regarding the construction of the last section of the South Ring Road, a fundamental infrastructure to improve communications in the municipality, he said that “after having made the arrival of the AVE in Elche a reality, for the city it is a priority to complete the perimeter ring del Elche that allows solving circulatory and environmental problems ”, stated the mayor.

“They are also fundamental questions for our city the modernization of the Alicante-Elche-Murcia commuter rail network, the network connection with our airport and with the Elche High Speed and the toll release of the second ring road (AP7) for relieve the A70”, Added the councilor.

As González has stated, “I am convinced that we are going to find in Raquel Sánchez and Miquel Iceta the same dialogue and cooperative attitude that we find in both Ábalos and Uribe, whom I have to thank for the treatment received during their years at the helm. of the Ministries of Transport and Culture ”.

Assessment of the new executive

Carlos González has valued very positively the changes introduced by President Pedro Sánchez in the Government.

“I think it is about successful changes taking into account that after the pandemic we began a crucial stage for the country and its recovery. These are timely changes, especially, in the Valencian code, the incorporation into the Government of the until now Mayor of Gandía, Diana Morant ”, the mayor concluded.

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