Friday, January 15

González Laya assures that it is up to Spain to apply Schengen in Gibraltar

Vita of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Vita of the Rock of Gibraltar.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Branch González Laya, has assured this Monday that the final decision on how it is applied in Gibraltar space Schengen (which eliminates borders between 26 European countries) corresponds to Spain, and he has avoided giving more details because he will offer them in an appearance in the Congress of Deputies.

In an interview on Canal Sur Radio, the minister has made it clear that all decisions regarding the application of Schengen in the Gibraltarian territory correspond to Spain, which will be assisted and assisted by the European Agency of the Border and Coast Guard (Frontex), and has trusted in being able to count on the support of all democratic forces to said principle of agreement because it is a “question of the State and not of a political party.”

He explained that the principle of agreement established between Spain and the United Kingdom on Gibraltar on December 31 has to be translated into a treaty between the EU and the United Kingdom that must be reached in a maximum period of six months, although he has specified that it may be before and has trusted that it is not after that period.

González Laya has indicated that the gate will disappear when that treaty is signed and Schengen will be applied, which “facilitates the mobility of the citizens of Campo de Gibraltar, something that is of interest to both because they need each other.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has drawn attention to the “paradoxical moment” that the United Kingdom leaves the EU and, nevertheless, that Schengen is applied in the territory of Gibraltar, which is the “way to ensure that in This step from Gibraltar is not the only Brexit in the entire European Union “.

He reiterated that Spain does not renounce the sovereignty of Gibraltar or to promote relations from a “greater convergence of interests that Brexit has brought” and has confirmed that Spain and the United Kingdom are negotiating security and defense matters after the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU because it is already a “thircountry, andnd we have close relations in these matters”.

It has also indicated that the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering It is included in the memorandum of understanding between Spain and the United Kingdom through police and customs cooperation.

Regarding the confinement of the municipalities of the Gibraltar region by Covid-19, the minister has indicated that the arrival of flights from the United Kingdom to both Spain and Gibraltar has been drastically reduced since the end of December to prevent the spread of the new strain of the virus from the United Kingdom, although he has insisted that there are hundreds of strains and “now is a delicate moment in the evolution of covid-19 in Spain in which we must ensure that it does not get out of han. .

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