Saturday, October 16

Gonzalo Verdú: “Elche is going to Vallecas to be the protagonist”

About the rival, Verdú stressed that it is “A newly promoted who has started very well”, but it is also “an a priori direct rival who may also be there with us in the long run”, in the fight for permanence, but, ultimately, “Elche is playing three points and that is what we have to look at ”.

The last franjiverde victory was “vital” because after that game “there are many days of work and that victory was key so that the work can be even better during these almost two weeks. The Celta game was very important to be able to cut a streak of two losses in a row, to score three points against a team that is now also very close to us on the table ”. Specifically, “it was an important victory so that all the work we were doing was reaffirmed with the points.”

Focusing on the next challenge, the center-back noted that “Rayo in his field has never been comfortable, neither in First nor in Second. It is true that he comes with the winning momentum from last season, in which he made a really spectacular final stretch. They have high quality players and they are doing very well. It is an intense team in all areas of the field and very uncomfortable. In his field, even more so. Vallecas is very difficult and it is going to be a very tough and demanding match ”.

El Rayo “is very brave, it comes out very strong in the first minutes. We must match that intensity from the start… And cover up his best virtues, which has a lot of dynamite upstairs, especially on the wing. They are their strengths that we must try to stop. Our idea is to go to Vallecas to be the protagonists. We know where we can harm them ”, he points out.

About Mojica and Roco, who return just in time after playing three games with their national teams, the captain franjiverde pointed out that “they are two very important players who will arrive very tired and we will lose because they will come with a load of minutes and a tremendous trip that conditions a lot at the time of to be available, but this is what has such a tight schedule ”. When asked if Elche should have requested a delay on the day of the match against Rayo, Verdú said that the club if it has not requested it is because “we have a fairly compensated squad, which in case Mojica and Roco are not available other colleagues will come out who will do just as well ”.

Questioned by the next three games, the defender wants to focus. “First you have to think about the Lightning and, from there, what happened will be analyzed and we will think about the next one ”.

About the schedule (14 hours) of Elche-Real Madrid, defended that “it is an atypical schedule, one that does not facilitate, but in the end we are almost getting used to. We will try to make ourselves strong with that. The other day against Celta on a very hot day and perhaps we were more used to it than they were and we took advantage of it ”.

Regarding the public, Verdú stressed that “It was the moment we were all waiting for, that there are no restrictions and that, although the schedule does not help, the field is filled with public. I am delighted to arrive with the car and see fans queuing up. That gives us a little bit more of morale and strength to face the next matches ”.

Game system

In the end, like every week the team has alternatives and we work with one system or another. This week is nothing different. We know that we can switch between one system and another. Even with the same players. That speaks very well of the squad, its quality and versatility, which is very important. I don’t know what the starting idea will be, but even during the game we can change it at any given moment with the people on the pitch to have more tools ”.

On the recovery of Pedro Bigas, “A priori, Dr. Ripoll’s opinion was already optimistic about the situation. When he saw the knee, the first time he gave was two months but he thought it could be earlier and it is. Pedro is a very strong player and now he is with the group. I don’t know if he will be in Vallecas or not, but the sensations that he reflects when training is that he does not slow down and that he is moving forward as if nothing had happened ”.

“It is too early to speak” of salvation. “There are 5 points”, which separate Elche from relegation. We must value that despite being a start against difficult rivals, in terms of points we are fine, per game we could have some more, but we are not worried because the team has not stopped competing. We are on the line, the team has not stopped working and we must assess the 9 points we have and that we are on a good line.

To this Elche, “I don’t put a roof on because the room for improvement is great. Some players who came to the market late and are now reaching their best performance. There are also others who have not participated much and who will have their moment. According to Verdú, “the team has room for improvement. Due to individual errors we have lost points and we can improve. Looking to the future we have to file those rough edges so that the team can get more points ”.

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