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Gonzalo Verdú negotiates a contract improvement

Gonzalo verdu has one more season of contract with the Elche -the relationship ended in 2022- but the captain’s agents are negotiating with Elche a possible improvement and extension of the contract.

The Cartagena central wants the club from Elche to match its payroll according to the role it plays within the squad. What’s more, the franjiverde entity promised him last year that he would carry out an improvement as a starting player and his contract having been somewhat outdated, especially after promotion to First Division.

Now, the footballer’s representatives are maintaining contacts with the sports director of the franjiverde entity, Nico Rodriguez, and have presented an improvement proposal to which the maximum shareholder must give the go-ahead, Christian Bragarnik.

Gonzalo Verdú arrived at Martínez Valero in the 2017-2018 season by the hand of Jorge Cordero when the team from Elche was in the Second Division B well. From the first moment, the defender was assuming gallons and has started in all categories .

He has accumulated a total of 152 games with the franjiverde shirt and, except on a couple of occasions in the final stretch of last season, with Escribá on the bench, always being in the starting eleven, being indisputable for Pacheta, Almirón and for the coach Valencian, with whom he finished as a starter in the last two games, against Cádiz and Athletic Club de Bilbao, in which Elche achieved victory and permanence in the First Division.

In March 2019, shortly before his departure, Cordero extended his contract until 2022 and since then his payroll has not been reviewed. The club’s promise has been extended over time and, now, the player and his representatives have considered that the time has come to negotiate an improvement after demonstrating that he is capable of playing in the First Division.

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32 years and with offers

The captain of Elche is 32 years old and is facing one of his last opportunities to sign a good contract before ending his sports career. His intention is to retire dressed in green franj. He has always commented that in Elche he has felt very comfortable, that he is at home, and since his arrival, in addition to being captain, he has always been fully involved with the club in any social event that they have required. But he also wants it to be valued as it has been earned on the field.

In addition, Gonzalo Verdú has offers, one of them from Almería, which offers him several years of contract. He has even received a proposal from abroad. The center-back is aware that he is in a good footballing moment and wants to take advantage of it, although his requests are within the average of the current Elche squad.

Now both parties must reach an agreement. The predisposition is good and they trust that a happy ending will be reached and that Gonzalo Verdú can fulfill his desire to continue as a franjiverde and the club from Elche his to continue counting on a footballer who has been an example, both inside and outside of the field.

Final stretch of your injury

The Cartagena player is already in the final stretch of recovering from his knee injury, which occurred in the last league game against Athletic Club de Bilbao and for which he had to undergo arthroscopy at the end of the League . The center-back has been working hard during the holidays to get to the preseason on time, which he will gradually join from next Monday, which is when the team returns to work.

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Last day to exercise the Mojica purchase option

Today, June 30, the term of the preferential option that Elche has with Girona to buy, for 2.5 million, Johan Mojica ends. The clause was included in the loan document of the left back when he arrived at the Elche club last January. In the franjiverde entity they are not in a hurry because they consider that it is too high a quantity and they do not rule out having Mojica, but not at that price. For its part, Girona needs to lower the salary mass, especially after not moving up. But he also wants to get a slice. The Red Star is also interested.

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