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Gonzalo Verdú: «We are all to death with the brave idea of ​​the game that the coach has»

Gonzalo Verdú, during a training break. |

Gonzalo Verdú, the second captain of Elche and who has worn the bracelet in the seven games that the Elche team has played on their return to the First Division, is one of the main authorized voices of the franjiverde dressing room. The central Cartagena supported yesterday the risky bet of the coach Jorge Almirón and go out with the ball played from the goalkeeper and, despite the risk that it entails, he assured that it is the right way to achieve permanence and that the squad is convinced of it.

«The coach has a brave idea, we are assimilating it and we are with it to death. At the beginning there was some doubt because the team takes risks in the exit of the ball, but we are all clear about it, ”said Verdú.

One of the aspects to improve is the loss of balls when starting from behind. The franjiverde defender stressed that “we are a brave team, the coach too, but we are not crazy about the game we play. It is true that we have made some dangerous losses, but we are working to correct them. A template has been made to play in this way around the ball and I’m sure that, in the end, it will give us more than it will take from us, “he said.

Despite the fact that at the start of the championship Elche is the team that receives the most shots and the one that hits the opposite goal the least, Gonzalo Verdú is convinced that these data will change because “as the championship progresses, the statistics will go away to be equating with the teams of our league, which are fighting for salvation, because we are a new team that we do not have to adapt to the new category “, and stressed that” it is always more positive to improve through victories than defeats . Many teams that have better statistics in this regard would trade them for the points we carry.

Another aspect to improve is the defensive game and knowing how to stop the attack between the lines that both Real Sociedad, Betis and Celta have put Elche in a lot of trouble. The second green-franj captain considers that “coordinating the line of five is more complex than with four behind, but we are also working to find solutions. We suffered with Betis and Celta, when Denis Suárez got inside, but we have two weeks to correct and improve and go to València for the three points against Levante ».

Outstanding start

The central Cartagena has highlighted the good start of the League, both collectively and individually. “We knew it was going to be a tough start because we could barely make a preseason after getting promotion late, but the team worked hard and we started well in terms of points and play. We have room for improvement, but we are very satisfied with how things are going.

On a personal level, Verdú is the only footballer in the squad, along with goalkeeper Edgar Badia, who has played every minute. “I am very happy with the confidence they are giving me and I try to respond with work, as I have always done.”

The defender is aware that there is still a long way to go to achieve the goal of permanence, but he is clear that «the evolution of the team is going to be positive because, little by little, the new people who have arrived and In that sense, it was very important to start well. We have a good amount of points, but we still have room for improvement, “he insisted.

The second captain of Elche also gave his opinion on the situation of covid-19 in football and the fact that Granada was forced to play with only seven professionals against Real Sociedad. “When the competition starts we all know the conditions and they have to be met. We are workers and there are people who are responsible for setting these standards. Everybody knows them. You have to take maximum care of yourself, both on the field and in training sessions and outside in your private life. We know that what happened to Granada could happen to you and I hope it won’t happen to any other team in the First and Second Division.

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