Tuesday, June 6

Goodbye Movistar Fusion, hello miMovistar: Movistar completely changes its rates, this is how they are now

Movistar rates face the biggest change in philosophy since the birth of Movistar Fusion. Until now, Fusion was contracted through packs. The more services within the pack, the higher the price. The pack was not modifiable, so we were limited to its options.

my Movistar is the new proposal from Telefónica to configure the rates. A modular system is adopted, in which we can configure the services we want (connectivity, TV, soccer, services), thus creating a personalized rate for each user.

my Movistar

After years betting on Movistar Fusion, the next step for Telefónica is to bet on miMovistar. It completely changes the way of configuring the ratefrom a pack choice system to a system whereby the user choose the services you wantadding the price of each one of them to configure the final rate that you will pay.

miMovistar allows the user to create a personalized rate. Connectivity services, TV, devices and additional services are chosen, the final price being the sum of what we have chosen

This new portfolio of options has five main pillars: myConnectivity, myEntertainment, myFinance, myHome, myWellness. We can combine the options framed within these four pillars, to create a personalized rate with the different services that we have chosen.

In the event that you are already a Movistar Fusion customer and do not want to change to the miMovistar mode, you will be able to stay in Fusion with the same conditions. However, the offer proposed with miMovistar lower the price Regarding Fusion, by configuring the rate with a configuration similar to that of the previous proposed packs.

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miMovistar rates

my Movistar

miMovistar rates start at 54.90 euros, a price that increases as we select the different options in connectivity, television and football and other services that we choose. A catalog of devices is still included at zero cost (phones, tablets, consoles, television and smartwatch), with no commitment to stay. The device will only have to be paid in case we leave the company and want to keep it.

Prices of connectivity services


Movistar Max

Movistar Max
€54.90 per month
Fiber 300 Mb + mobile line 30 GB
Additional line 0 cts/min and 5 GB

unlimited Movistar

unlimited Movistar
€59.90 per month
Fiber 1 GB + unlimited mobile line
Additional line 0 cts/min and 5 GB

Movistar unlimited 2

Movistar unlimited 2
Fiber 1 GB + 2 unlimited mobile lines

Additional line L

Additional line L
€7.90 per month
8GB data
Unlimited calls

Additional line L

XL additional line
€14.90 per month
30GB data
Unlimited calls and SMS

infinite additional line

infinite extra line


unlimited data
Unlimited calls and SMS

Movistar Plus+ prices



€10 per month
80 channels


€43 per month
Champions League
The league

Champions League

€20 per month


€30 per month


€15 per month


€25 per month
netflix x2


€18 per month


Price according to channels

Prices for additional services

If, for example, we take as an example the cheapest pack with access to football (Movistar Fusión Selección Plus Fútbol), before it had a price of 120 euros. To configure a similar pack, these would now be the numbers.

  • Movistar Max €54.90 + Movistar+ Essential €10 + All football €43 | €107.90

Something similar happens if we configure the basic Fusion with TV pack. The pack started before 74 euros. Now:

  • Movistar Max €54.90 + Movistar+ Essential €10= 64.90

This new modality will be available from today morningactivating the configurator so that we can either hire the rate we want or migrate from Movistar Fusión.

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